Chippendales: Steve Banerjee Death and Murders: Who Killed Nick Denoia?

Chippendales: Steve Banerjee Death and Murders: Who Killed Nick Denoia?

Steve Banerjee died of suicide following the news of his arrest. Here is more on the Chippendales murders.

Nick De Noia was a director and choreographer best known for his work as the original choreographer of the Chippendales dance team and his two Emmy Award-winning Unicorn Tales shorts for children.

Chippendales was founded by Steve Banerjee, an Indian American entrepreneur.

Chippendales is a male striptease dance ensemble recognized for its distinctive upper body costume. Their costume consists of a collar, bow tie, and shirt cuffs worn on an otherwise bare torso.

Chippendales- Steve Banerjee Death and Murders

Steve Banerjee was the murderer of one of his ex-choreographer at Chippendales.

Steve was sentenced to prison for the murder of Nick De Noia. Steve, unfortunately, took his own life via suicide. It was all over the news when he died.

It was reported that Steve was depressed but that his condition was not so bad that he would commit suicide.

Banerjee entered a guilty plea and received a sentence of 26 years in jail. Banerjee committed suicide in prison while awaiting his final verdict. Banerjee’s wife kept the Chippendales.

Steve Banerjee established Chippendales. It was the first all-male stripping group to make a living performing for predominantly female audiences, debuting in 1979. It helped validate stripping as a form of famous entertainment by the excellence of its production and choreography.

Who Killed Nick De Noia?

Steve Banerjee killed Nick De Noia by hiring the shot man to kill him.

Nick was shot in the face with a big caliber pistol while sitting at his 15th-floor office desk at 264 West 40th Street, Manhattan, near the garment area, on April 7, 1987, at 3:40 PM. Nick was shot by a guy hired by Ray Colon, who was Steve Banerjee’s accomplice.

De Noia had left Banerjee but had a licensing agreement with a business named Chippendales Universal to use Chippendales’s name for tour appearances.

Banerjee was behind the assassination of Nick DeNoia and the arson attack on a competitor’s Red Onion nightclub. In July 1994, Banerjee pleaded guilty to murder, arson, and RICO offenses.

Meet Nick De Noia Wife- Was He Married?

Jennifer O’Neill, Nick De Noia’s wife, was his life partner. In 1975, the pair married, and in 1976, they divorced.

She has been married to eight different husbands and has three children from each of them. Her third husband was Nick. She later married Richard Alan Brown, her sixth spouse.

Jennifer is a Brazilian-American actress, model, author, and speaker best known for her appearance in the 1971 film Summer of ’42. Jennifer is also known for her work as a model for CoverGirl cosmetics beginning in 1963.

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