Caroline Polachek Racist Slur - What Did She Say? Twitter Has A Reaction

Caroline Polachek Racist Slur – What Did She Say? Twitter Has A Reaction

Did the singer Caroline use a racist slur? Netizens are commenting on Twitter. Let’s find out what really happened.

Caroline Elizabeth Polachek was born on June 20, 1985, in the United States. Polachek is an American singer and songwriter from Connecticut.

While attending the University of Colorado, she co-founded the indie-pop band Chairlift. With the sleeper smash “Bruises,” the pair rose from the late-2000s Brooklyn music scene.

She worked on solo projects Ramona Lisa and CEP throughout her tenure in Chairlift before launching a solo career after the band’s disbandment in 2017.

What Did Caroline Polachek Say? Her Racist Slur Twitter Reaction

Caroline Polachek allegedly used the N-word in 2018, according to many tweets. She shared a section of Kanye West’s song Violent Crimes’ lyrics.

She typed down the word and posted it on her Instagram story.

A singer named Kelela then approached Polachek and called her out. Caroline was then widely chastised by fans, and she received a lot of backlashes.

Since then, the singer’s choice of words has not caused any problems. Caroline does not appear to be a racist since she transcribed and posted Kanye West’s song lyrics.

When she uttered that word, though, many were outraged and mistook her for one.

Despite the fact that the event occurred in 2018, users on Twitter are still angry over the tweet.

Many internet users are against Caroline, while others back her, claiming that it was never her intention to harm anyone’s feelings.

Is Caroline Polachek Married? Husband Details

Caroline is married to Ian Drennan, who is a musician. The pair married in 2015 and were having a lovely time together.

Unfortunately for the couple, they divorced in 2018. The romance ended, and the news startled all admirers and well-wishers.

Their friends and followers, however, continue to adore them.

Caroline is presently seeing Matt Copson, according to The couple seems to be happy with each other.

However, there is no news yet announced by the couple getting married anytime soon.

Bishop’s Lace, Cirsium, and Titan Arum are among Ian’s best-known tunes. The Wonderful World and Flower of Love are two of his most popular albums among his fans.

Matt Copson, Caroline Polachek’s boyfriend, works as a visual artist. Caroline’s surreal music videos were mainly directed by him.

Matt Copson was born in the city of Oxford in the year 1992. He works as a British Postwar and Contemporary artist from his London studio.

However, there are currently no additional facts about the artist available in the media.

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