Video: Who Is Carlisle Player Carter Prenosil? Ty Dittmer Abuse Caught On Camera, Was He Arrested?

Carter Prenosil is the Carlisle High School basketball player and a class of 2022, who swung punches on his opponents in his last game. 

Carter has been affiliated with CHS Boys Varsity Football at Carlisle of Iowa since 2018.

He also got inducted into the Carlisle High School Basketball Men’s Team and has been serving there as one of the elite players from 2019 through 2021.

In his recent November 30th game, Carter crafted brilliant two 3 pointers against Des Moines Christian.

Similarly, he flaunted 2 great steals during his November 24th match against St. Mary’s Martensdale.

Who Is Carlisle High School Carter Prenosil? 

Carter Presnosil was the high school student and Class of 2022 at Carlisle High School, IA.

He has been in the media headlines after he threw punches at one of the game opponents after the match ended.

The victim Ty Dittmer was sharing final handshakes after the match ended and right as he reached Carter, he was physically attacked multiple times and got a brutal shot at his face.

The Des Moines resident has been under arrest following the planned attack and his case will be further scrutinized by legal authorities.

The 17 years old player has been demanded by the public to be boycotted from all kinds of sports following his targeted attack on Ty, and that too after the match concluded.

Nevada versus Carlisle match has been thoroughly investigated by the Carlisle District Court for any sort of foul play and the young offender will be punished for his crime or attack.

The 9-second long video of handshake moment was captured during the game and it showed the boy punching Ty Dittmer about two times straightly into his face, knocking him unconscious in the court.

The aggressive prodigy was then restrained by his teammates and a fellow opponent player who got hit during the process of separation.

Ty Dittmer Abuse Caught On Camera: Was Carter Presnosil Arrested? 

Carter Presnosil has been put under arrest by the Carlisle Police Department following the Nevada game incident.

He has been delegated to the Warren County Jail and is nearing his court hearing in a few days.

The December 1 issued press release from the Police authority has clearly stated that Carter attacked Ty without provocation and Ty had to receive immediate healthcare for the mouth injuries he sustained.

Carter was charged with the 708.4(1) clause indicted Willful Injury crime(serious injury to the victim), which the Iowa Depart considers as a Type C felony.

Meet Carter Prenosil’s Parents

Any authentic details on Carter Prenosil’s parents and how they will take the matter into their hands have not been released for media speculation.

The case has become a private recluse and both the involved parties are working for the settlement.

The unwarranted punch to Ty’s stomach and then to his jaw has knocked him off his consciousness and caused a big rife during the game.

Supporters and viewers were quick to blast the innocent parents of the rookie kid Carter after the assault video went viral on the internet.