Bronco Mendenhall Wife Holly Johnston, Everything About The Coach After The Abrupt Resignation

Holly Johnston is the beautiful wife of Bronco Mendenhall, head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers at the University of Virginia.

Back in 2018, Holly Johnston and her husband donated 500,000 dollars to construct a new football facility for the School.

Bronco Mendenhall is known for his unorthodox methods and Earned Not Given motto, even having players earn then choose their jersey numbers each season.

Who Is Bronco Mendenhall Wife Holly Johnston?

Bronco Mendenhall’s wife, Holly Johnston, was the owner of her travel agency. She also worked at a fellow man’s ranch in Montana for ten years, coordinating conferences. 

Bronco and Holly’s love story is romantic as they met at college, began a long-distance relationship, then separated after a year of dating.

After no contact for about a decade until one day, fate lucked their charm, and the pair met at the airport terminal. And the rest is history, and they are the lovely parents of three adorable children.

Their three sons are Raeder, Breaker, and Cutter, living happily.

It sounds like some movie that came into life with a sweet ending, but it is accurate.

Holly graduated with a degree from the University of Montana in French. While in college, she kayaked a river in Mexico and spent a semester picking grapes at a winery in France. 

After graduation, she went to work at Euro Disney in Paris for six months. Moreover, she authored and self-published a book about budgeting a few years back. 

She is also an adventurous woman keen on camping, hiking, and bike-riding.

Holly Johnston Age And Net Worth Explored

Holly Johnston is 54 years of age as she was born in 1967. She celebrates her birthday every year on 16 February. 

As for her husband, Bronco Mendenhall was born on 21 February 1966. Their age difference is very less, by a year to be exact.

Holly’s estimated net worth is still in the shade, but her husband Bronco has an annual salary of 3.8 million dollars as of 2020.

But we are certain his net has increased by this year 2021.

Who Are Holly Johnston Family?

Holly Johnston’s family before getting married is unknown at the moment. She is the wife of Bronco Mendenhall, head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers. 

Bronco started his coaching career at Oregon State in 1989, and two years later, he joined Snow College and Northern Arizona in 1993.

He then joined Louisiana Yech in 1997 and joined New Mexico in the following years.

Eventually, Brigham Young University hired him in 2003, and in 2016 on December 4, the Cavaliers announced they hired him as their new head coach.

Holly and Bronco have three sons, Raeder, a ninth-grader who plays tennis, Breaker plays football at Western Albemarle, and Cutter attends Western Albemarle High School.