Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma? Health Problems and Surgery Update, What Happened To Him?

Famous American comedian Bob Saget had a complicated disease called scleroderma, which might have taken his life on 9th Jan 2022.

Birth name Robert Lane Saget confirmed to Today’s website that he was diagnosed with scleroderma, the same illness that led his sister to death in  2017.

Saget was best known for his role as Danny Tanner on “Full House,” tragically has died on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma? 

Yes, Bob Saget had scleroderma, a group of autoimmune diseases that might cause changes to the skin, blood vessels, and even internal organs.

While there is no cure yet, and the causes are still unknown, its treatment may improve symptoms. 

The comedian was one of the board members of the Scleroderma Research Foundation with a vision to find a cure. His efforts helped celebrities like Regina Hall.

Due to the same condition, Gay, Bob’s sister died at the age of 47. He discussed how his sister was diagnosed with scleroderma at 43 in an interview with Ability Magazine. 

Further, he added said that how his sister was misdiagnosed multiple times.

Kelly Rizzo, Saget’s wife did everything she could and supported her husband in his rocky path.

What Happened To Bob Saget? Health Problems and Surgery Update

Bob Saget suffered from severe scleroderma symptoms making his health deteriorate for a long time. However, there are no precise details if the stand-up comedian had any surgeries or not.

The television host and director had a health problem that started years ago when he served at a benefit for the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

It is said that surgical options are used as a last resort as it may include serious complications.

Sadly, Bob, 65 was found dead in his hotel room in Florida, police confirmed to Variety. Police officers reacted to a man-down call at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, shortly after 4 p.m. and found out Saget unresponsive in a hotel room.

The sheriff did not have any data on a reason for death, and investigators did not discover any indications of foul play or drug use in the case. 

Bob Saget’s Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Bob Saget’s had an estimated net worth of $50 million at the time of his death.

It is sure that his profession as a comedian helped him to earn a huge stack of money.

Saget produced the 1996 ABC television movie named For Hope, which was encouraged by the life story of his sister, Gay Saget, who had died from scleroderma.

Bob has done some incredible work throughout his life from acting to directing his own films and was heavily involved in the scleroderma charity works.