Meet The Actor Becca Blackwell From Sort Of On Instagram - Details To Know About Him

Meet The Actor Becca Blackwell From Sort Of On Instagram – Details To Know About Him

Becca Blackwell plays the role of Deenzie in the current popular TV series Sort Of. Let us find everything about their career.  

The multitalented actor, director, and writer, Becca Blackwell, stars in the TV series Sort Of, currently streaming on HBO Max. In addition, the series has an IMDB rating of 5.7 out of 10.

We can find Becca in a total of 4 episodes out of 8 in the series Sort Of. 

They previously starred in the movies Adventures in New America, Drove Ed, Tour Without End, Marriage Story, and more. In addition, the movie Marriage Story won an oscar in 2020.

Who Is Becca Blackwell From Sort Of?

Becca Blackwell is a rising actor and a talented artist who has been entertaining the audience for two decades now. They currently star in the TV drama series Sort Of.

At present, they are busy shooting for the movie BROS. 

Becca is the writer, director, and actor in the short movie As Schmerm as It Gets, which aired in early 2021 if Found is another short film by Becca, which got released this year. 

They have played in several theatre acts and dramas around the United States. They also received the prestigious Doris Duke Impact Award in 2015. 

How Old Is Becca Blackwell? Their Age Revealed

The trans-actor Becca Blackwell was born in 1973 meaning he could be either 48 or 49 years at present. They haven’t disclosed their full birth details to the public yet.

Furthermore, Becca’s physique details aren’t known either. 

Does Becca Blackwell Have A Wife?

The New York-based actor Becca Blackwell is in a relationship with Erin Markey, a writer, and comedian by profession. 

Erin stars in the Season 3 of High Maintenance and Season 2 of At Home with Amy Sedaris. Becca hasn’t yet revealed if they are married to Erin or not. 

Meet Becca Blackwell On Instagram

Becca Blackwell’s Instagram account is available under the username @theirishhorse.

Their account has amassed 2.9k followers with a total of 557 posts till now. In addition, they have followed around 1.2k people at present. 

According to their Instagram bio, they are a Professional Teen and a Muscle Queen. In addition to that, they have linked their business domain. 

Becca updates all of its upcoming shows and events through its Instagram posts. But it appears they haven’t uploaded anything on their account since 2020.

Names And Whereabouts Of Becca Blackwell Parents

Becca Blackwell was born to American parents, but their names remain a mystery for now. They haven’t disclosed where they currently live either.

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