Andrew Luck Wife Nicole Pechanec - How Much Did He Make Before His Retirement?

Andrew Luck Wife Nicole Pechanec – How Much Did He Make Before His Retirement?

Andrew Luck’s loving wife Nicole Pechanec is a Stanford University architectural graduate. Find more about their romantic love life.

The famous and talented Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has carved a brilliant love life with his partner Nicole.

The pair met way back at Stanford where they were both pursuing their respective architectural design degree.

The talented player was included in the university’s playing roster while his partner Nicole participated in two NCAA competition from Stanford.

Nicole and Luck shared the special bond of love for over seven long years before finally deciding on getting married.

They have crafted a loyal yet wilder side of love arch since they got together way back in 2012-13.

Who Is Andrew Luck’s Wife Nicole Pechanec?

Andrew Luck’s wife Nicole Pechanec is a Stanford architectural graduate and NCAA athlete.

Andrew and Nicole met way back in 2011 when they both got enrolled in the highly prized architectural degree aiding design at the esteemed Stanford University.

The pair were both involved in their particular sports with Andrew bringing in the football delight and Nicole pacing her gymnast career.

Nicole Pechanec participated in two NCAA competitions by representing Stanford.

Similarly, she got inducted into the Class of 2012 in the Stanford School of Engineering.

After her graduation, she served as a designer at Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects.

She joined this Indianapolis architect firm in August 2012.

The year of 2012 was infact fruitful for both the dating pair as Luck also got his first induction with Colts in April of 2012.

Similarly, they graduated from their design batch and started working fulltime to favor respective career milestones.

She also pursued her MBA degree from the reputed Indiana University, also welcoming a brief intern oppurtunity.

Details On Andrew Luck’s Massive Net Worth

Andrew Luck flaunts a massive net worth of $40 million.

His rookie card was indicted at the similar price in NFL.

He was assigned an initial signing bonus of $14.5 million from his Inidianapolis Colt contract.

A Glimpse At Andrew Luck’s Health Condition Update

Andrew Luck has always kept health above all in his playing career.

He was critically sick and ill during his prime NFL career, when he was even one of the highest paid athlete in the sports.

During his playing phase, he suffered from a lacerated kidney, injured ribs and a major concussion.

He also inflicted a tore ligament and torn cartilage during a throw at a major game in his career.

He retired after suffering a torn labrum in his shoulder after seven years in the game.