Why Is Alex Warren So Skinny? Weight Gain, Before and After Photos

Why Is Alex Warren So Skinny? Weight Gain, Before and After Photos

Youtuber Alex Warren is skinny because he does various workouts like weight training and abs workouts with some cardio warm-ups. Learn more about him through this article.

Alex Warren is an American Youtuber, TikTok Star, Instagram Influencer, and Social Media Personality. He is one of the most followed TikTok personalities.

Warren is just 21 years old but has managed to gain many followers and fans. His birthday falls on September 18, 2000. He informed his fans that his father passed away 10 years ago due to cancer. 

Further, the Youtuber gained fame for uploading Vlogs, Stunts, Skateboarding, Comedy Videos, and Viral Game Challenges. He even practiced skateboarding since his childhood.

Alex started his career on Instagram in 2015. Now he is a member of “The Hype House” which is a collaborative TikTok group.

Why Is Alex Warren So Skinny?

Alex Warren was skinny back then, So his fans are eager to know why he was thin. It seems Warren worked out to keep his body healthy and fit.

Alex did different workouts like weight training, abs workouts, and some cardio warm-ups as well.

Moreover, Warren likes to be in the shape of fit and lean. He works out five days a week in which we will be performing three basic exercise session which includes Cardio, Weight training, and Core Workout.

The diet plan of the YouTuber is still a mystery but looking at his account, he seems to enjoy chicken wings and other things. To get in a lean shape Alex seems to eat more protein, salad, vitamins, veggies, and carbs after a workout.

Alex Warren Weight Gain Reason Explored

Alex Warren gained a couple of pounds, and his face, arms, and legs are now chubby. He says that his weight increased during the quarantine as it has affected the fitness that Alex used to have.

Alex is 72 kilograms as of 2022. The American content creator is trying his best to manage his weight.

Furthermore, Warren was homeless who used to sleep in his friend’s cars now through the hard work he has managed to own a mansion. He is an Instagram Influencer, Youtube Content Creator, and a TikTok star.

The Youtuber is in a relationship with his girlfriend Kouvr Annon who has also seemed to gain some weight after the COVID-19 quarantine for which she also got slammed on various sites.

Alex Warren Before And After Photos And Health Condition

Alex Warren’s before and after photos are not much posted on social media sites. But, seeing through his Instagram we can find some differences in his shapes and sizes.

In addition, Alex has 2 million followers on his Instagram and is following 700 people. Talking about his YouTube, he has 2.66 million subscribers.

Warren’s followers are eager to know why his weight is getting fluctuated and if he is suffering from some health issues. 

However, there is no news of his sickness so his health condition seems to be fine. He is in a good situation and is not suffering from any kind of sickness.