Who Is Actor Iris Menas? West Site Story Actor Wikipedia: Transgender Character Stirs Controversy

Who Is Actor Iris Menas? West Site Story Actor Wikipedia: Transgender Character Stirs Controversy

West Side Story viewers are questioning who Iris Menas is? If you are too interested in knowing about the nonbinary actor, stay tuned with us.

American-born actor Iris Menas has won millions of hearts with his outstanding stage and screen performances so far. He does not miss an opportunity to astonish his fans in the United States and other territories.

Menas is an avid traveler and food lover. During his spare time, he went to explore the beauty of New York City. Likewise, he is fond of tasting varieties of continental cuisines as well. 

Is West Side Story Actor Iris Menas on Wikipedia? 

West Side Story actor Iris Menas is not available on the free encyclopedia website Wikipedia. But, Menas has a lot of work to do to get featured in one of the world’s top-ranked sites.

Iris Menas was born Ezra Menas in Witchita, Kansas, USA. Moreover, he developed a strong passion for the arts of acting at a young age. So, his parents took him to the University of Oklahoma after high school graduation.

Menas then graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Musical Theatre degree from the Sooners. Furthermore, he played in his Broadway debut as Jo in Jagged Little Pill’s musical play.

Iris got his breakthrough from his first T.V. role, Fred, in the animated adventure comedy series Ridley Jones in 2021. He further did voice-over as Odee Eliot in another animated film, Madagascar: A Little Wild.

Menas recently played a nonbinary character, Anybodys, in Steven Spielberg’s musical crime-drama movie, West Side Story. He also guests appeared in the early-morning talk-show program Good Morning America back in 2019.

Iris Menas Transgender Character Stirs Controversy

Iris Menas’ transgender character, Anybodys, stirs controversy before releasing West Side Story’s romantic film on Friday, December 10, 2021. The actor behind the camera is proud to tell everyone that “he or they” is a non-binary lesbian.

Certain Middle Eastern listeners will miss the epic love tale between Maria and Tony. The censors did not approve of Iris Menas’ transgender character Anybodys due to this reason.

Middle Eastern countries have harsh censorship laws about sexuality, profanity, and other characteristics that do not agree with the nation’s cultural beliefs. As a result, it is prohibited in areas of the Middle East because of its transgender aspect.

What is Iris Menas Age as of 2021?

Born in 1990, Iris Menas is currently 31 years old. On behalf of his family and friends, he celebrated his last birthday on July 20, 2021. 

Do you know? Menas’ zodiac sign is Cancer, mostly compatible with Scorpio and Pisces’ fellow water signs. According to his horoscope, he maintains a hyper-emotional temperamental, and spiteful personality.