Xan Tanner Wikipedia and Bio: Panaroma Education Founder and Merrick Garland Controversy

Xan Tanner Wikipedia and Bio: Panaroma Education Founder and Merrick Garland Controversy

Recent controversies have made people curious about Xan Tanner Wikipedia. Read his bio in this artifact.

Businessperson Tanner is a president of a software company. To be precise, his organization helps K-12 schools by finding data-driven solutions.

Generally, the software works by taking feedbacks from parents, teachers, students, and other staff. Now, it is being used in more than 4000 schools with millions of students using the package.

Everything To Know About Xan Tanner Wikipedia And Bio

Xan Tanner is not on Wikipedia. But, his bio is available on LinkedIn.

Talking about his education, Xan completed high school in 2009 from Boulder High School. Later, he earned his BA in Religious Studies from Yale University.

Moving on, Tanner kicked off his professional career in March 2010. Reportedly, he worked as the Head of Metrics for the Yale Men’s Basketball team.

In 2020, he made the headlines after serving as a Canvasser for Biden’s Presidential Campaign. Recently, he also worked as a Canvasser for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Interestingly, he holds the same position as Canvasser for Nina Turner. Since August 2021, he has been volunteering at the National Advisory Board.

Furthermore, Xan is originally from Denver, Colorado. Thus, we can confirm his nationality as American.

At the moment, we are unable to trace his social media accounts. Hopefully, Tanner will reveal them as soon as possible.

Also, we are unsure about his net worth and salary. Nevertheless, we can confirm that his assets are in the millions.

Who Is Panorama Education Founder Xan Tanner?

Xan Tanner is widely known as the co-founder of Panorama Education. He started the start-up as a president in 2012.

Surprisingly, he withdrew from his position in December 2020. Currently, he is serving as a board member only.

Reportedly, his company has multimillion contracts with several school boards. Recently, Daily Mail revealed that the survey conveyed by his software asks students about their sexuality.

Furthermore, critics claim that Panorama Education promotes Critical Race Theory. However, one of the board members recently confirmed that the organization helps students in social-emotional learning.

The data systems collect students’ information from New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, and many more cities. Interestingly, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is their financial banker.

Businessman Tanner And Attorney General Merrick Garland Controversy Explained

Merrick Garland has been a center of controversy since the group was accused of Critical Race Theory.

Well, Tanner is married to the US Attorney General’s daughter, Rebecca Garland. Apart from the family relationship, Merrick and Panorama Education have nothing in common.

Ever since the couple tied in the knot in 2018, Merrick has been accused of conflict of interest. However, various representatives of the organization have defended Garland and his family.