Who Is Dave Halls Rust? Wikipedia and Bio of The Assistant Director

Who Is Dave Halls Rust? Wikipedia and Bio of The Assistant Director

Dave Halls Rust is the assistant director and an actor who got involved in arm arrangements. Learn more about him and his arm.

Dave Halls has been connected to the entertainment industry for 31 years and co-worked with Alec Baldwin on Rust. He is an American by nationality.

He is known for the movies like ‘The Matrix Reloaded,’ ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’, and ‘Fargo.’ He handed a gun to Alec Baldwin and now came into a highlight.

Who Is Dave Halls Rust? Wikipedia

Dave Halls Rust is now all over media for handling the gun to his coworker, which was loaded. His action has resulted in the tragic death of another artist. 

He handed a gun over to Alec Baldwin on his arrangement, and he assured him that it was safe to use. Unfortunately, Halyna Hutchins was killed by the weapon. 

Halyna Hutchins is a cinematographer who was honored with winning cinematography. Baldwin received the gun from Rust on 21st Oct 2021.

Upon the confirmation that the gun was safe to use, Baldwin removed the gun from the holster resulting in a shoot-out to Hutchins on his chest and Chief Joel Souza in his shoulder.

The police have started the investigation, including the court order. As per police, the arm was one of the guns that the film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez placed outside. 

Rust then picked it up and gave it to Alec, announcing it as a ‘cold gun’ without assuring that it was loaded. Both Rust and Baldwin regarded it as a prop.

More On The Assistant Director 

The Assistant Director, Rust has been in the industry for over three decades. Though, it is ironic how his carelessness leads to an undesirable accident. 

He put himself into trouble and his coworker Baldwin also. He has not spoken anything regarding the incident, and his wife has also didn’t show up.

We could not find him on social media and other online sites resulting in less information on his personal life. 

Learn About His Age and Net Worth

Dave Halls Rust’s exact date of birth is not revealed. However, he must be assumed to be in his early or mid-fifties. Since his real dates are unknown, we do not know his birthday.

His exact net worth is not yet revealed. Probably his primary source of income is his film career. However, his salary and other assets are unknown. 

Rust has been recognized as a person who lacks the safety protocol even in the past. His ignorance has taken a life and caused an injury.