ESPN Bill Walton Drugs Test, Does He Do Weed or Is He Broadcasting Drunk?

ESPN Bill Walton Drugs Test, Does He Do Weed or Is He Broadcasting Drunk?

Rumors claim that Bill Walton either does weed or drugs. Here’s everything to know what happened.

William Theodore Walton III is a former NBA star. Currently, he works as a television sportscaster.

Recently, he was included in the list of the 75 Greatest Players of All-Time. However, his comparison with Dwight Howard has brought controversies.

Does Bill Walton Do Weed Or Drugs?

We do know if Bill Walton does weed or drugs. He hasn’t publicly confessed regarding such a matter.

However, there are allegations on the internet that he was high recently. Most probably, the netizens were just making jokes out of him.

Well, there are popular memes where you say, “Are you high or what?” or “What kind of weed are you smoking?” or “Are you on drugs?”.

Although these look like serious questions, they are just internet slang used for sarcasm. Indeed, this is quite common and everybody is familiar with it.

So, we believe that Bill neither did drugs nor was involved in weed. Instead, people have been trolling him for some comments he made recently.

Well, the Twiter users haven’t mentioned the exact statement that made them troll him. However, there are plenty of incidents that might have netizens wonder if he was on weed or drugs.

Moving on, it seems he is in favor of marijuana. According to a 2015 article published by SI Wire, he had criticized the NCAA marijuana rules.

Well, this could mean Bill might have tried weed or drugs once in his lifetime. Also, he doesn’t think legal activities should ban players from playing matches.

ESPN Announcer Bill Walton Might Have Been Drunk

Bill Walton works at ESPN as their announcer these days. Also, he is a well-known studio analyst and color commentator.

Although we are unsure regarding his weed and drugs issues, we believe he does consume alcohol. Well, an NSDUH report claims that more than 86% of Americans drink.

So, there are high chances that Walton does drink occasionally. So, there can be a possibility that he might have been drunk the day netizens thought he was high on marijuana.

Is Walton Sick? Health & Illness Update

Most probably, Bill Walton is not sick. To be honest, he hasn’t provided an update regarding his health and illness.

Well, his latest post on Instagram was on October 19, 2021. Looking at his picture, he seemed fine.

Currently, he is married to his lovely wife, Lori Matsuoka. Previously, he had tied the knot with Susie Guth.

Talking more about his family, Bill has four children - Luke, Nathan, Chris, and Adam.