Who Is Sativa Transue? Death Cause: Washington Woman Found Dead

Sativa Transue is the Washington woman who was found dead in the hotel room. 

The death news of Sativa has stunned everyone, including his friends, parents, and all the loved ones. The people in town are more than amazed with the passing aways of the young girl. 

Sativa, who came to spend her quality time with her boyfriend during the holiday, was found dead in the hotel room. It has been a difficult time for her beloved people with her sudden passing away. 

With the family members are grieving at the moment, the police officers are further investigating the matter. Have more insights about the young girl here. 

Who Is Sativa Transue? 

Sativa is 28 years old Washington woman. She has been all over the news after the news of her passing away. 

Like every other people, Transue planned to spend her Thanksgiving holiday with her special one. No one could have imagined such a tragic event would occur with her. 

Although Sativa was from Spokane,  Washington, she has lived off most of her life in Cheney. Looking into her Instagram profile, she appears to be a social person with loads of friends. 

Her bio has described her as a grad student of Eastern Washington University. 

Sativa Transue Death Cause: Washington Woman Found Dead

There has been a lot of prediction regarding the case of Sativa. Most of them are of her being a victim of domestic violence and homicide. 

However, further investigations are still taking over with her body sending for autopsy. With no final and official results, her death cause has remained unknown for the moment. 

Although, it got known that her boyfriend wanted to have a nice vacation with Sativa in Mexico. The couple was having their time on vacation until Transue got found dead in the hotel room. 

Sativa Transue Family Is Dealing With Her Grief

Sativa’s sister, Mykala Bolieu, has spoken about the matter of her sister’s death. She has noticed the weirdness and found it suspicious during the trip. 

After a few hours, the family heard the news of their beloved daughter’s death. At present, the family members are heartbroken and hoping for justice. 

Before the death, Sativa mentioned her friends about having stitches due to the altercation. They stated the matter to the police department, and the family has remained thankful for them too.

With this, the family got notified about the death of their daughter, which has heartbroken them. As the incident occurred in a foreign country, the matter has been moving steadily.