Who Is Gene In True Story? Theo Rossi Actor, Does He Die In The End?

Who is Gene in True Story? Meet Theo Rossi who is the actor playing the character.

Actor Theo is working in the film industry since 2001. He kicked off his career after appearing as Montilli in The Myersons.

Some of his most popular shows include Army of The Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Luke Cage, etc. Moreover, Rossi describes himself as a writer and producer.

Who Is Gene In True Story? Theo Rossi Actor Revealed

Fans were wondering who plays Gene in True Story. Celebsaga can confirm that the actor is Theo Rossi.

According to IMDb, Gene appears in the first six episodes from a total of 7. If you have watched the Netflix series then, you already know why he is not in the final chapter.

Well, the mini-series features the story of Kid. Reportedly, a tour stop in his hometown becomes life and death situation.

Indeed, Theo has portrayed the role of Gene quite well. We are even sure that there’s nobody who can replace his role in True Story.

Undoubtedly, Rossi’s acting skills have attracted tons of fans lately. Interestingly, his Instagram account has amassed 647 thousand followers already. Moreover, his followers’ count is increasing day by day.

Since his appearance in True Story, Theo has been receiving offers from various TV series and movies. Some of his upcoming shows are Dear Zoe, Emily The Criminal, Brother’s Keeper, etc.

Does Gene Die In The End? Find Out

Yes, Gene played by Theo Rossi dies in the end. There are spoilers in this part of the article.

Well, Gene is wrapped up and killed in the sixth episode of True Story. Reportedly, he was one of the biggest fans of Kid.

In the show, Theo’s character follows Kid and Carlton one night and finds them dumping a body. When he is filming the whole scene, the two somehow find out.

Well, Kid and Carlton were ready to kill him until the former changed his mind. He tries to become friends with Gene and becomes successful in deleting the video.

Later, Carlton sends Nikos and Savvas to murder him. After Gene’s death, nobody could know what happened to Ari‘s body.

Theo Rossi Age: How Old Is He?

Theo Rossi’s age in 2021 is 46 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on June 4.

You can read his bio on Wikipedia. From his profile, we have found out that he belongs to 7 different ethnicities.