Who Is Dominic Mckilligan? Wesley Neailey Murder Update, Where Is He Today?

Who is Dominic Mckilligan? Here’s everything you should know about Wesley Neailey‘s murder update.

Dominic was a pedophile who harmed young children for his pleasure. He was a major threat to the Arthur’s Hill community.

Even after 23 years of the incident, Mckilligan is termed to be a threat to the entire society. Reportedly, he is a former Budding music student.

Who Is Dominic Mckilligan? Wesley Neailey Murder Update

Dominic Mckilligan made the headlines after Wesley Neailey’s murder in June 1998. There’s no update in 2021.

Reportedly, Wesley was just 11 years old when he was brutally murdered. Dominic had abducted the kid, beat him, and strangled him to death.

According to BBC, he was jailed for a lifetime. Moreover, the court ordered him to serve at least 20 years in prison.

When Dominic was just 14 years old, he was accused of assaulting four boys in Bournemouth. After his arrest, he was sentenced to three years.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t registered at the Sex Offenders’ Register. This is because the act was passed a day after his release.

According to Det Sgt Neil Claughton, Mckilligan was born to kill someone. The Dorset police officer believed that he was ‘born evil’.

When he reached 12 years, he had already started to commit serious sex offenses. Wesley’s parents do not want him out of the jail.

The detective of the case, Trevor Fordy claims that he shouldn’t be near any children whatsoever. However, Dominic’s grandfather remained supportive and believes that the only crime his grandson committed was being too friendly.

Where Is Dominic Mckilligan Today?

Dominic Mckilligan is probably serving his sentence today. Several experts believe that he is very dangerous.

Moreover, the detective of the case doesn’t believe that he can be rehabilitated. Moreover, Trevor claims that he hasn’t met any murderer like him before.

Even after two decades, Dominic is cursed every single day. From some recent tweets, we can confirm that many people want to see his horrible death.

Reportedly, his story is being converted in the Netflix series, When Murder Turns Into Murder. Moreover, other crime shows want to adapt his story in the future.

Is Dominic Still In Prison?

Dominic Mckilligan is still in prison. He is often recognized by the name of ‘Child Killer’.

However, rumors since 2016 were claiming that he could have been released. According to Dominic’s mother, Liz Neailey, he is too dangerous and could kill another child if he is freed.