Who Is Angela West? Allen West Wife and Illness - Are They Hospitalized

Angela West Texas Gubernatorial candidate Allen West wife was diagnosed with Covid and her husband on September 9, 2021. Here is more.

In his recent abeyance from the activity, the Texas GOP Allen later stated that his health had been seriously hampered, and his unvaccinated campaign didn’t go as planned.

Allen was unvaccinated before his later infection, but his wife Angela had completed her vaccine dose and still contracted the virus.

The couple is now in stable condition, with Allen subjected to further complications and possible pneumonia cases. 

Who Is Allen West Wife Angela West?  

Angela West is the wife of Allen West, who is a Republican gubernatorial candidate from Texas.

After Allen spoke in his press meet, the couple was in news highlights that he had contracted the Covid disease with his wife on September 9, 2021.

The wife of the Texas GOP had completed her vaccine dose but was still subjected to the Corona Virus’s wrath.

Allen West was also arrested for DUI on August 2021, after which her attorney mischievously proved her of having low doses of intoxication during the accident.

The officer even pleaded for her not being guilty after the incident, which built a dubious scene.

On Saturday, Allen also remarked that he and Angela were treated with monoclonal antibodies, and Allen himself was later hospitalized for having contracted pneumonia and low oxygen level.

The case was even more fueled after the drugs in use were found to have no assigned legal protocol of their use.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were the two drugs in use which is infamous for being the sole hype of the anti-vaccine advocators.

The public was appalled at the illegal consumption of unprescribed drugs at such serious illness and causing false hope in the anti-vaxxers community.

A public figure as significant as him cannot just suggest unverified ways of treating severe illness.

More On Covid And Allen West Illness 

On September 9, 2021, Allen West was hospitalized, leaving his Texas Gubernatorial campaign on hold.

After his wife Angela West contracted Covid, he also suffered from fever and body pains.

He took two unpopular drugs as the coping mechanism and was later hospitalized for having suffered from pneumonia and a low oxygen level in the body.

His oxygen measure went down to 89 from the usual 95.

Were Angela West And Allen West Hospitalized?

Allen West was hospitalized after his initial Covid contraction led to sophisticated pneumonia and low blood oxygen level.

However, his wife Angela West was treated with monoclonal antibodies post her infection and then was stable enough to return.

Allen’s complications may have resulted from unauthorized usage of two illegal drugs as a coping task.

He has since been in the hospital trying to treat his lowered oxygen level and recover from pneumonia cold.