Chris Coutroulis Death News Surfaces On Social Media, Vanessa Carreira Husband Health Issues

Chris Coutroulis health condition had been deteriorating for quite some time due to COVID-19. We have a short update on his illness.

Chris Coutroulis was married to TV presenter and former Miss South Africa, Vanessa Carreira. The news of his death has recently reached the internet after his fans started posting messages for him.

Chris was known to be a supportive husband and a family man. Besides that, he also influenced the lives of many people he met throughout his life. 

He was a part of the Taboo Group SA, which coordinated and orchestrated multiple events in the country. He also owned different nightclubs throughout the country.

Chris Coutroulis Health Update - Was He Sick?

Chris Coutroulis suffered from degrading health conditions after suffering from COVID-19. He had been sick for quite some time before eventually passing away from the disease.

The news of his illness was not publicized as the family preferred to keep their matters to themselves. However, many fans on different social media sites have indicated that he was, in fact, suffering from severe health issues.

He, like many others, battles the disease, eventually succumbing to it. His death came as a shock to all of us as he was still very young with a beautiful family by his side.

As a nightclub owner, he was busy and lived an active life. Nevertheless, he was also known to be kind and helpful to almost everyone he met. This is one of the reasons thousands of his fans have been devastated by the news of his passing.

Is Vanessa Carreira Husband Chris Coutroulis Dead? Death Cause

Yes, Vanessa Carreira husband, Chris Coutroulis, has, in fact, died on November 30, 2021. The death cause has been released to be COVID-19.

He was one of the wealthiest men in South Africa as the couple lived a luxurious and comfortable life. Vanessa is a model who has worked as a TV presenter for a long time.

She gave birth to triplets in 2013, including two daughters, Sophia and Mila, and a son Nikola. All of them are eight years of age now. They previously had a son named Leo.

The parents actively worked towards keeping their children away from the spotlight. But they could be seen spending holidays and family dinners together on multiple occasions.

Chris and Vanessa have been married for a long time as he even supported her during her pageant days. We provide condolence to the family while hoping they will make it through this tough time.