Tiktok: Anthony Ramos Cheating Video - Fiance Jasmine Cephas Jones Split Rumors

A Tiktok video of Anthony Ramos cheating on his girlfriend Jasmine Cephas Jones at a club has gone viral.

Anthony Ramos is making headlines after being caught cheating on his fiance. The video is trending all over the social media platform.

The longtime couple are dating since starring in Broadway’s Hamilton. They got engaged to each other in 2018 after dating since 2014.

The pair are on the verge of a breakup as per the netizens. Here are things we know about the video so far.

Tiktok: Anthony Ramos Cheating Video Explained

A video of Anthony Ramos’s cheating Jasmine Cephas Jones had surfaced on November 29, 2021.

The clip was first uploaded by a Tiktok user named “Dear Jane”. She claims to see Anthony along with a girl dancer at an LA Night club.

Jane says she was dancing at a club while two people were sitting near her. Both were all over each other in an intimate way.

The Tiktoker had googled the dancer to confirm his identity. She also writes writes “That’s not his fiancee, it’s a white girl” to confirm that the girl was not Jasmine.

However, the creator has not explicitly named the actor Anthony. She hints that it was allegedly him with the stripper.

The original post has already been removed from the platform. Meanwhile, Jasmine’s supporters are trying to investigate the matter.

Following the viral clip, Many Hamilton fans have taken to Twitter expressing their disappointment in Ramos. 

Jasmine Cephas Jones Reacts To Anthony Ramos Cheating Video

Many TikTok users have reacted to the Anthony Ramos alleged Cheating video.

However, Jasmine Cephas Jones has not reacted to the trending clip. Neither, Ramos has commented about the matter.

Till now, their relationship seems strong with no comments from the pair. 

Anthony Ramos & Jasmine Cephas Jones Split Rumors

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones have become the subject of split after the cheating video.

The last publically appeared in June 2021 at the premiere of Blindspotting. Around the time Jones has also supported Ramos for his movie In The Heights.

The couple has actively posted about each other on their social media platform until July 2021.

On July 22, Anthony took to Instagram to wish Jones on her birthday. Following the post, they have not appeared on each other’s handle.

Because of this fans speculated them to have broken up. Although, there has been no confirmation by the actors.