RIP: Zell Munna aka Zell Oblock Death Cause- How Did He Die?

RIP: Zell Munna aka Zell Oblock Death Cause- How Did He Die?

The young and budding American rapper Zell Munna passed away on August 24. The cause of his death is he committed suicide.

Zell Munna was an African-American rapper and musical artist based in O’ block, Chicago. The street singer Zell Munna was a member of the O block. 

If you don’t know, O block popularly known as Parkway Garden Homes, was famous as a dangerous block in Chicago. Apparently, the area is known for gang violence. 

Moreover, Zell was the brother of T Roy, HK, and Slutty. All of his three brothers passed away, T-roy was murdered, Slutty was killed in a car accident, and HK, whose real name was Hakeem Murray was shot just like T-roy. 

Zell Munna Aka Zell Cause Of Death: How Did He Die? 

Zell killed himself with a gun. As per the source, his body was found in Chicago, and he committed suicide.

People are sharing RIP comments on social media and paying gratitude to the deceased family via Twitter and YouTube.  

After losing all of his three brothers, Zell might be emotionally broken and depressed. Indeed, it’s not easy to handle one after another brother’s death. As he was grown up in gang culture and around the O Block environment, he might have seen many highs and lows in his life.  

As per HITC, Slutty, aka Slutty Sonny died due to a car accident on August 31, 2021. It’s not clear if it’s a planned murder or an accident. There are no charges or complaints filed to his death.

Zell Munna Real Name And Age Disclosed

Zell Munna’s real name is unclear at this time. Mostly, people address him by his first name Zell. 

In addition to this, Zell’s original date of birth and age is mysterious for the fans. By his looks, he is in his early 20s. It’s only our assumption, not real age. 

Zell was an American rapper based in O Block, Chicago. He is the younger brother amid three brothers named T-roy, HK, and Slutty.

Perhaps, as being O Block street rapper, Zell’s three brothers were fatally killed. 

Moving on to his family background, Zell’s family might be depressed right now. We have no clue about Zell’s parents at this time.  

How Rich Is Zell Munna?

Zell’s salary actual earning and net worth is under review at the time of this writing. 

As per our research, he might have earned a decent sum of money from his musical career.