Nick Popovich Plane Crash, Is Airplane Repo Pilot Dead Or Alive?

Nick Popovich Plane Crash, Is Airplane Repo Pilot Dead Or Alive?

Nick Popovich has been a subject of death rumors on the internet recently. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he was in a plane crash. 

The “Airplane Repo” star is known for flying to different parts of the world. During his time with the Discovery show, Nick Popovich made quite a lot of loyal fans who admire his work as an aviation professor and pilot. 

And now, a lot of his fans are talking about his probable death due to a plane crash. Many of them even wrote obituaries and dedicated them to the celebrity pilot. However, there isn’t official confirmation regarding those rumors. 

Nick Popovich Plane Crash and Death Hoax

Nick Popovich reportedly was in a plane crash and many believe that he died following the crash. 

But it looks like another conspiracy created by social media users. There aren’t any confirmed reports that suggest the death of the famous on-screen pilot. 

However, a lot of users on Reddit are suggesting his probable death. The rumors are completely false at the moment and we do not confirm them either. 

Nick was last seen a week ago and he looked quite healthy and very much alive. 

Nick Popovich Wife: Airplane Repo Family

Nick Popovich isn’t married at the moment. 

However, he was previously married to Patricia Sage Popovich. The couple started the airplane business together but the strangle of professional and personal life became the reason for their divorce. 

And as of now. Nick Popovich is single and hasn’t married or dated anyone. Even if he did, he had successfully kept it a secret. 

Besides, Nick Popovich predominantly talks about the cast of Airplane Repo being his own family. He is very much interactive with everyone and the show had brought them closer than ever. 

Nick Popovich Net Worth And Age

Nick Popovich currently has a net worth of around $2 million. 

He is currently 69 years old. Taking his father’s advice, he got his pilot license at the age of 16. And for a long time, Nick didn’t even think of pursuing it professionally. 

But everything changed when a company hired him to locate two Boeing 747s and paid a handsome amount afterward. It made him realize that it could be pursued as a business.

As of now., Nick Popovich is a celebrated TV star, thanks to the Discovery show, Airplane Repo.