Has Minibloxia Revealed His Face? Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Has Minibloxia Revealed His Face? Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Famous Youtuber Minibloxia hasn’t yet done his face reveal, but he has been teasing about his in his Twitter and Youtube accounts. Here we gathered more information on him.

Minibloxia is a famous Minecraft player and Youtube star who also hung his boots from Call of Duty gameplay and grew his follower list regarding Minecraft modes.

He is widely speculated to finally reveal his real identity after months have passed since they last tease the fanbase about the sweet gift he has been proposing.

Has Minibloxia Done A Face Reveal?

Minibloxia is finally revealing his real face on October 3, 2021.

He has yet to reveal anything but rumors of him doing so have been fueled by the internet after he teasing about the revealing on his official social media profiles.

Minibloxia is a Youtube content creator and elite Minecraft player who has been uploading about the minor details of his life.

He once teased his girlfriend’s identity by playing and shattering her colony in the game, making a good laugh at her virtual misery.

On October 2nd, 2021, Minibloxia stated via his official Youtube channel with 119k subscribers that he should be marking their calendar and wait for the web star to do the reveal on the 3rd of October.

He also added that he took a recent week-long leave and abeyance from the video-making to prepare for the final meet with the fans without the mask divulge.

All about Minibloxia: Age and Real Name Revealed 

Minibloxia is believed to be around 20-26 years of age as his official age information is lacking as his real identity remains confidential.

Minibloxia’s real name is yet to be known, but he has fueled the eagerness in fans by officially teasing his face and identity reveal on October 3, 2021.

The famous Youtuber who runs the Minibloxia channel on the Youtube platform will be sharing his personal details and how he took the mantle for his hood disguise. 

All arrangements regarding the reveal have been made, and the next phase will mark a new journey in the star’s life and fan circle.

Find Minibloxia on Instagram: Earnings And Net Worth Explored

Minibloxia is active through his Twitter and Youtube profiles and not much via the Instagram handle.

With a huge channel inlet and channel growth surpassing the 100k mark in a relatively short period, Minibloxia shines at a huge earning rate.

His monthly average views count to 21k, and this brings in a massive income via active followups and subscribers interactions.

His earnings range from $1000- $9000 from his Youtube videos(cumulative 52 videos).

His net worth is yet to be outed but believed to stagger nearby the $400k mark.