How Old Is Joie Chavis? Age of The Model Seen With Diddy

How Old Is Joie Chavis? Age of The Model Seen With Diddy

The model Joei Chavis, age 33, who was seen with Diddy lately created a headline on media. Let’s learn about her.

Diddy has heated up the media as he was seen with the model in a cozy situation on his yacht. The rapper on holiday was having his best time.

Of course, the curious fans now wanted to know more about the model, Joie Chavis, her age, and everything.  

Here in this article, we will share all the information that will tranquilize the public’s eagerness and have a read till the end.

Know about Joie Chavis Age - Her Height and Weight

As she was spotted with Diddy, her fan followers started digging about her. The factor that increases their curiosity is her kids.

She was born in 1988, which will make her 33 years of age. She was born on September 27th which makes her star sign a Libra.

Her physical stats are not shared publicly, but she has a good height and maintained weight as a model and fitness promoter.

Joie Chavis Wikipedia Bio

Joie is a model who has been in a relationship with the famous rappers Bow Wow and Future. She is a public figure and an entrepreneur.

She uses her Instagram to showcase herself and her styles. She has 2 million followers. Her posts are related to her exercise and travel.

Besides, she owns a shopping and online retail store as a business on regard to workouts and training. Wikipedia doesn’t cover the model.

Meet Joie Chavis Kids

Joie Chavis has got two kids so far, a boy and a girl. She has a daughter, Shai with Bow Wow, and a son, Hendrix with Future.

She often posts a photograph with her kids. We can already see her daughter enjoying the glamor of the modeling industry.

Is she Diddy’s Girlfriend?

Diddy and Joie Chavis were found in a romantic situation exchanging the kiss on his yacht, having a vacation.

As Diggy’s yacht sailed by, the couple was on vacation and spotted cuddling, laughing, and caressing. It is not confirmed that Chavis is his girlfriend.

However, during their holiday they seem to enjoy each other’s company. The model was in a relationship earlier with high-end, profiled people.

Now only time will tell how serious they are in their relationship of just they accompanied each other for the vacation to Italy.

How much Net Worth does the model has?

The model has an estimated net worth of $2million as per Wealthy Persons.

She earns many endorsements that her popularity on Instagram brought her.

Now with Diddy’s case, as lots of attention has been drawn towards her, she might be recognized by more endorsements.

Hence her future fortune seems brighter and sound.