Jen_ny69 Before and After Surgery - See The Transformation

People are shocked to see the before and after transformation of Jen_ny69. The Mexican posted intriguing photos of her recent lips surgery, breast modulation, and bottom raising procedures. 

Jennifer aka Jen_ny69 is a beauty expert, fashion diva, and social media influencer with a strong affinity for plastic surgery and facial remodeling.

Her recent vlog journeys and reviews of the dangerous steps she took for getting her face done have caused a stir on the internet interweb and this also lets people inquire more on the efficacy of the procedures.

Pictures: Jen_ny69 Before and After Surgery

Jennifer Ruiz(aka Jen-ny69) is a deemed social media influencer and her face surely does shines at you with a plethora of facial surgeries and shapings.

People can hardly recognize Jennifer post recent surgery that included: fully finished half a decade long nose and lips modeling, 3 months old BBL procedure, her recent breast job, and the cheek routing.

If luminescence was a facial trite attribute, one can find it in her induced cells. One may easily be appalled at the sight of what the once cherished and natural beauty has carved her face to resemble.

With the Kardashians running the taco bells of celebrity facial modulations and perfect profile pitching, Jennifer joined the unsatisfied crew with further sophistication.

One can barely recognize her from her 2014 picture with her kid and the recent post-BBL(Brazilian Butt Lifting) procedure. The face changes naturally yet people sometimes rejoice at the sight of a new identity of falsified perfection module and artificial crude craft.

Her post from 2 years ago showed her lip surgery in action and her vlog that was just 4 months new stated the influencer taking a Breast recourse and adjustment.

While neutral fanbases are staying placid and reactionless, it has become too much for the core general.

More On Jen_ny69 Family - Where Is She From?

Jen_ny69 has kept her family and children’s information off the internet platform due to the abundance of hate comments on her vlogs and video reels.

Her parent’s information isn’t available but she is favored by her lucky siblings viz. Ruben and Annette Ruiz. They belonged to Mexican ancestry.

Jennifer dated her long-time friend Emmanuel with whom she has been raising her only son(name kept secret but believed to be Manny).

Since their marriage in 2017, the kid lives with his father and mother and constitutes the sweet little family.

Who is Jen_ny69 Boyfriend? Partner Revealed

Jennifer(Jen_ny69) married her boyfriend Emmanuel(from 2012) in the year 2017 and this was attended by their then growing son Manny.

Her husband has been latent in any of the bulky social media and sometimes uses pseudonyms to post pictures estranged from the influencer’s usual post theme.

People believe his name tag to be Manny Fresco but this could also be a subtle tribute to their less known son aged 5.

These days, Jennifer has been less shy with her husband’s hidden identity and has given him enough exposure in her recent vlogs, in one of them he acts as the judge to her attires.