Jamie Gulpilil Wife and Ethnicity - Where Is David Gulpilil Son Now?

The legendary indigenous actor David Gulpilil, a father of Jamie Gulpilil, passed away at aged 68. He was survived by his son and wife, sources confirmed.

Ten Canoes actor Jamie is an Australia born actor who has appeared in a few films. For Instance, Crocodile Dreaming (2007), Charlie’s Country (2013), Dr. Plonk (2007), Austrlia (2008), and so on. 

Also, Jamie is primarily known as the son of late indigenous Australian actor David Gulpilil. He passed away on Monday, November 29, 2021. The news of his demise came out of the blue in the media. 

As per the recently updated news, the iconic actor David was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. He was receiving treatments and chemotherapies from physicians and experts.  

Whatsoever, we can get to know Jamie a bit through this article. Simply, his wiki-bio is available on the internet.

Jamie Gulpilil Age: How Old Is The Actor?

Jamie is 22 years as of now. He was born in 1999, in Ramingining, north-eastern Arnhem Land. But, his exact birthday and Zodiac sign are missing at this time. 

Talking about his acting career, Since 2013, Jamie hasn’t performed in any films and TV series. Though he has signed in a few films, his popularity is on the top radar in the media. 

Learn more About Jamie Gulpilil Wife And Net Worth In 2021

Jamie is not married yet. Hence, he has no wife or partner at the moment. 

As per the source, Jamie’s father David married twice. His current wife, Miriam Ashley, whom he tied the knot in 2004, was sitting next to him when he took his last breath. 

Meanwhile, his first wife, Robyn Djunginy, lived together for a few years and divorced in 2003. The reason behind the divorce is unknown now.

Where Is David Gulpilil Son Jamie Gulpilil Now?

Jamie is the only son of the late David Gulpilil (father) and Robyn (mom). The whereabouts of Jamie is out of sight now. Perhaps, he has been involved in some kind of business venture. 

Further, he has no siblings. His dad’s million fortune is inherited by his son and wife now.

The death news of David’s was released from the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall. He wrote, “It is with deep sadness that he shares with the people of South Australia regarding the passing of an iconic, once-in-a-generation artist who shaped the history of Australian film and Aboriginal representation on screen, David Gulpilil. He was a legend in acting and a phenomenal dancer, including a singer and painter.”