Is Reina Westberg Pregnant With Richard Sherman? Meet Her On Instagram

Is Reina Westberg Pregnant With Richard Sherman? Meet Her On Instagram

Reina Westberg is allegedly pregnant with the NFL star, Richard Sherman. 

According to the details released by All Hip Hop, the former super-bowl winner cheated on his wife with Reina Westberg who is allegedly pregnant with his child. 

The former 49ers star came into the infamous spotlight when his conversation with Reina was leaked by a Youtube channel named Wags Unfiltered. The Youtube channel shows Reina accusing Sherman of many things via phone call. 

Besides, Richard Sherman has been married to his long-term girlfriend, Ashley Moss since 2018. 

Reina Westberg Boyfriend: Is She pregnant with Richard Sherman?

Reina Westberg is allegedly pregnant and the father is the NFL star, Richard Sherman. 

The disturbing news by shared by the website, All Hip Hop after reviewing the video uploaded by Wags Unfiltered on Youtube. Despite the authenticity of the news, it is already creating a lot of chaos among the fans of the NFL legend. 

We don’t have any official details about Reina Westberg’s boyfriend at the moment. However, the leaked phone call conversation between her and Richard is quite difficult to ignore. 

Reina Westberg Wikipedia: Meet her on Instagram

Reina Westberg doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

However, Reina does have a popular Instagram handle. She has currently accumulated more than 32k followers on her Instagram handle. But the influencer has made just 6 posts to date. 

Reina Westberg Age And Height

Reina Westberg’s age is yet to be disclosed. 

Looking at her recent pictures, she seems to be in her 20s. We will update facts about her age and birthday pretty soon. 

Moreover, Reina Westberg seems to have a great height too. She is a model wannabe who has gathered a lot of followers because of her aesthetic pictures on social media platforms. 

She is allegedly pregnant with the child of Richard Sherman at the moment. 

Richard Sherman Cheating Allegations

Reina Westberg is currently deemed to be cheating on his wife with Reina Westberg. 

The 33-year-old is currently married to his long-time partner and shares two wonderful children with her. Despite that, there are a lot of gossips about him cheating on his wife. 

The rumors started when his alleged conversation with Reina Westberg was leaked on Youtube. However, the model also reportedly accused Russell Wilson of cheating, according to rumors on Twitter. But it looks like it has been Sherman all along. 

However, the alleged scandal is yet to be confirmed publicly by either party until now.