What Illness Does Jeremy Paxman Have? Parkinsons Disease and Health Update

What Illness Does Jeremy Paxman Have? Parkinsons Disease and Health Update

Jeremy Paxman illness has brought major concerns among his fans. The presenter is receiving treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Jeremy Paxman is an English broadcaster. He is known for hosting the Quizmaster of University Challenge and is a former Newsnight Presenter.

The presenter also read news for the BBC Six O’Clock News. Further, he presented the Tonight and BBC”s panorama for a very long time.

Recently, Paxman has been making headlines after the split with his partner. He was in a relationship with Elizabeth Clough for more than 35 years.

Despite being relatively secretive about his personal life, the presenter revealed that he and Clough had separated amicably.

Jeremy Paxman Is Receiving Parkinson’s Disease Treatment: His Illness Details

Jeremy Paxman is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although, he has described the symptoms to be very mild.

The University Challenge host had publically announced the disease on May 2021.

He stated to the PA media agency: “I can confirm I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.”

“I am receiving excellent treatment and my symptoms are currently mild.”

For those who do not know about Parkinson’s disease, it is a brain disorder that leads to a serious problem as one age.

Some of the major symptoms of the disease are’ shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination.

Similarly, one can also experience, mental and behavioral changes leading to sleep disorder, depression, memory loss, and many more.

According to the Parkinsons.org website, one with mild symptoms faces Tremor, loss of smell, trouble sleeping, moving, and many more.

Exactly what causes Parkinson’s is still unclear. However, a combination of genetic and environmental factors may play a major role.

Jeremy Paxman’s Health Status & Update In 2021

Jeremy Paxman has been receiving excellent treatment in 2021. His current health status is good.

However, the broadcaster had also opened up about facing depression. He stated about taking medication and has gone to cognitive therapy.

At the same time, Paxman and his family are providing extra care for him. Since diseases like Parkinson’s could get worse over time.

After slowly recovering from the disease, the presenter has planned to continue broadcasting and writing.

Jeremy Paxman & His Partner Got Split Following His Diagnosis

Jeremy Paxman and his partner Elizabeth Clough got split in the year 2016. They were never married but share three children together.

The names of their kids are Jessica, 30, and 23-year-old twins are Jack and Victoria.

In terms of family matters, the presenter has always remained very private. This is why we know very little about his family members.

The 71-year-old 71-year has dealt with health concerns in his life. However, he will certainly receive necessary care from his loved ones.