Firefighter: Who Is Brenton Goodwin Charlotte NC? Mia Goodwin Husband and Family As She Is Finally Put To Rest

Firefighter: Who Is Brenton Goodwin Charlotte NC? Mia Goodwin Husband and Family As She Is Finally Put To Rest

Brenton Goodwin, a husband of Mia Goodwin, is a firefighter from Charlotte, NC. 

Brenton Goodwin lost his wife in a wreck involving two semi-trucks on Interstate 85 on December 22. People from the nearby communities came to pray their respects on a funeral day on Wednesday. 

According to WCNC, Yvette Wade, a University City resident, and her husband went to the police station mere hours after learning of the tragedy. Wade expressed her sadness and said they came to pay respect to let her know that she was loved. Tears flooded down when she shared her grief. 

Brenton Goodwin Is A Firefighter From Charlotte, NC? Details On Mia Goodwin Husband

Brenton Goodwin is a firefighter from Charlotte, NC, and the husband of deceased CMPD officer, Mia Goodwin. He works with Charlotte Fire Department.

His wife was killed in the line of duty after getting hit by a truck on Interstate 85 in the early morning of December 22. She had returned to work not long after finishing her maternity leave. 

He shared three kids with his wife. She left him, a 3-year-old child, a 1-year-old child, and a 4-month-old baby.

Goodwin and her colleagues, Jackson Buffington, Sean Husk, and Shannon Foster, were supporting the North Carolina State Highway Patrol in blocking a section of interstate in northeast Charlotte near West WT Harris Boulevard.

These cops had taken the place of previous officers who had stopped the route when a vehicle carrying grain spilled a sticky substance on it at 10:30 p.m.

Chief Jennings said the roadway had been cleaned enough to restore one southbound lane around 1 a.m. Later, at 3:40 a.m, two trucks driving southward collided. Those vehicles thereafter crashed with the cops from the CMPD.

Mia Goodwin Left Her Family Behind

The crash on Interstate 85 killed Mia Goodwin, and she left behind her family. Goodwin died at the site from her injuries, while Buffington, Husk, and Foster were taken to the hospital for treatment by Medic. Later Wednesday morning, all three were released from the hospital.

She was a mother and a wife. She had three kids to look after, whereas her firefighter husband had the job where the hours were as just demanding as hers. 

Despite knowing that her job was tough, she diligently worked for the department for the last six years. Chief Jennings said that he knew she did not only take it as a job, but she wanted to make it her career.  

Mia Goodwin Will Be Honored With A Funeral On Wednesday

Mia Goodwin will be honored during a funeral on Wednesday, December 29, at First Baptist Church, located in Uptown Charlotte at 301 S. Davidson St. Visitation, reported Charlotte Observer. It will begin at noon. 

Hundreds of CMPD officers and staff attended the funeral and mourned her death. People who lived nearby the community also visited her for the last time.