How Is Eros Related To Thanos? Fans Theory As Brothers, Is Thanos An Eternal?

Marvel Studio’s movie, Eternals’ writers clarified the rumors of Eros and Thanos’s relation. And, it seems they are related. 

The 2021 superhero movie Eternals depicts the story where an immortal alien race emerges from their thousands of years of hiding to protect the Earth from their ancient counterparts. 

Harry Styles appeared as Eros, Thanos’ brother, in a post-credits scene that sparked the netizens’ interest to learn about their relationship. 

Eros and Thanos are related, as shown in the post-credit scene of marvel studio’s 2021 film, Eternals. Eternals introduced more than a dozen new characters to the star-spanning film version of Marvel heroes. And one of them is a Titan prince, Eros. 

Yes, Eros is now a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it has glued the netizen’s attention to this specific topic. 

As per how these two characters are related, one has to find their way back to the war that happened 600,000 years ago. The Eternals have fought two civil wars in their million-year existence, and Eros is a direct and indirect offspring of each of them.

The Uranosian War, which took place 600,000 years ago, was fought between Uranos and Kronos. Uranos and his troops were exiled from the Earth after losing a single battle to Kronos. Their sole regret was that they had lost.

In exile, a tiny group of survivors found their way to Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon, and established a civilization. But, unfortunately, it was also devastated by the battle, and the fight left only survivor Sui-San, a mother to Eros and Thanos. 

Netizens Curious To Find If Eros And Thanos Are Brother

Eros and Thanos are believed to be brothers. The Mentor, called A’lars, found Sui-San in Titan after being banished from Earth following the second Eternal Civil War 200,000 years ago.

Thanos was born with a Deviant mutation and singular genius that distinguished him from all other Eternals and engendered a desire for separation. 

On the other hand, Eros was born with all the potential of his forefathers and a unique ability that brought ambient comfort to those around him, drawing people to him, writes CBR. 

With this twist in the plot, fans think it will be interesting to see how Eros and Thanos get along and whether they have a rivalry as big as the Mad Titan blaming his brother for all of his wrongdoings.

Is Thanos An Eternal?

Thanos is a mix of Eternals and Deviants. The variation in his look is due to his multiple identities as Eternal and Deviant. His father, A’lars, was the son of Kronos, who controlled the Eternals of Earth when the colony was split by civil strife.

A’lars roamed the universe as the Mentor when his father died and encountered Thanos’ mother in Titan. He emigrated to Titan, where he had two sons with Sui-San.