Who Is Helena Hutchinson? Cinematographer Shot By Alec Baldwin In The Set Of Rust

Helena Hutchinson was a cinematographer. Continue reading to explore her life story.

Helena aka Halyna had worked in over 32 different shows. She had started her career in 2012 working in the short film called Creedy and the Bee.

Well, some of her famous works include Archenemy, Darlin’, Blindfire, and many more. On October 21, 2021, she lost her life while shooting the upcoming movie, Rust.

Who Is Helena Hutchinson? Learn About The Cinematographer

Cinematographer Helena Hutchinson had vast experience working in the film industry. Her services will forever remain in our hearts.

According to her IMDb, she entered the television business in 2008. Reportedly, her first-ever work was credited amongst the additional crew.

Well, she had worked as a legal attorney in one of the episodes of Filmnut. Apart from being a cinematographer, she has also worked as a production manager, assistant, director, and actress.

Surprisingly, she worked first as an actress than her real job. Helena had played the role of Pavla in the short movie called The Family Business in 2010.

Interestingly, that was the only show she worked in as an actress. In 2015, she had directed the short film named Coco Noir.

Apart from IMDb, Hutchinson’s biography has also been included on Wikipedia. According to her profile, she was also a journalist.

Furthermore, she was a Ukrainian who died in New Mexico, United States. Well, she was born in Horodets, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union, and raised in Murmansk.

Moving on, Helena was married to Matthew Hutchins. Moreover, she is also survived by their only son.

Helena Hutchinson Shot By Alec Baldwin In The Set Of Rust

Helena Hutchinson was shot by actor Alec Baldwin. Reportedly, the incident happened accidentally while they were in the set of Rust.

Along with Helena, Director Joel Souza was also hurt in the event. Currently, he is being treated in a hospital.

According to the New York Times, the actor was told that the prop gun was completely safe. After the incident, Helena was immediately rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

However, she couldn’t survive. Indeed, her family is mourning her death at the moment. So, we request everyone to provide the family with privacy for some time.

How Old Was Helena? Age Revealed

Helena Hutchinson was 42 years of age when she left the world. The entire crew unit is devasted by the incident.

Well, further investigation is going on. Also, Baldwin has accepted to cooperate with the police and help her family.