Fox News: Who Is Jaki Nett? Former Playboy Bunny Husband Name Revealed -Details To Know

Jaki Nett is the first woman of color to be featured as Playboy Bunny. She has recently been interviewed by Fox News.

Jaki Nett is a yoga instructor who has a past that may be quite interesting to the general public. The first woman of color to be hired as a playboy bunny had aspirations to be a successful actress. Where she wanted the world to admire her, she ended up doing something completely different.

In her recent interview with Fox News, she explains what it was like to be a bunny in a playboy club in LA including what drove her to stop everything and lead a normal life. Here is what we know about her husband and personal life.

Fox News: Who Is Jaki Nett?

Jaki Nett is a former Playboy Bunny who actively worked in a strip club in LA. She always wanted to be an actress and traveled from Mississippi to California in 1962. However, the dreamer could not make it and went on to pursue a different career, which was definitely not a respectable one in the eyes of society.

She has recently come forward to share her side of the story in a podcast headlined “Power: Hugh Hefner,”. Here she talks about the legacy of publisher Hugh and her experience as a Bunny in Los Angeles.

Now, she has already left the playboy business and is a yoga instructor. Nett credits her life to the playboy and has nothing bitter against it, instead calls it her protector throughout her youth.

Jaki Nett Husband Name: Who Is The Playboy Bunny Married To?

Jaki Nett has been married to her husband for over 43 years now. However, his name has not been revealed. She talks about her marriage in the interview and her podcast but does not mention his name anywhere. 

This might be due to her thought of privacy or a mere coincidence where she did not have to take his name anywhere.

Jaki says she left playboy after she got married to her husband. The bunny was so used to her work and being protected in that environment that it was difficult for the longest time to adjust to the outer world. However, she does not regret it and is happily leading her life with her husband and family now.

Jaki Nett Age And Wikipedia

Jaki Nett’s age seems to be around 65 to 70 years old. Nevertheless, it is an estimation based on her arrival to California in 1962 to become an actress. The details regarding her date of birth and zodiac sign are also not available.

Despite Jaki Nett’s absence from Wikipedia, her educational background and professional journey are known. She has an undergraduate degree in interior design. Further, the former playboy bunny went on to pursue masters in humanistic psychology. 

She is now teaching internationally along with her hand in writing books as an author.