Fact Check: What Happened To Ladarius From Cheer? Was He Arrested? Details Explored

Fact Check: What Happened To Ladarius From Cheer? Was He Arrested? Details Explored

Ladarius from Cheer has now complained about the abusive nature of team coach Monica Aldama and the Navarro College. Find more about the accusations.

Ladarius happen to be a member of Navarro College Bulldogs, the college team that Monica Aldama is assigned head coach to.

Season 2 of the cherished show featured Ladarius commenting openly about the tumultuous drama fueling between him and Monica.

Similarly, he has stated that she and the entire college has been physically and mentally abusive towards the talented athlete and cheerleader.

The complaint came from the cheerleading star when he shared that he had a hyped drama with the coach when she featured as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars season 29.

The show relatively had episodes from September to October 2020.

Fact Check: What Happened To Ladarius From Cheer? 

Ladarius left the Cheer team after surmising relatively more physical and mental abuses from the college team and cheerleading team head coach.

Ladarius has taken this decision to leave the team after he felt humiliated and treated perhaps too harshly.

The blame and accusation came after Ladarius thought that his calls and inquiries should have been garnished better and better flaunted by the coach.

Ladarius’s accusations came robust and fans were shocked to see his decision and now he has been looking forward to featuring a better career path ahead.

He blamed that Monica yelled at her multiple times and such actions were harsh to come from the head coach.

Monica has not shared any details on the incident and will address later to the issue.

Ladarius told the college faculty that he was repeatedly yelled at, called a bad apple, and told useless by the head coach of the team.

He told that he felt like he was treated badly and told worthless by the authority who were delegated to garnish and better salute all players and athletes.

Was Ladarius From Cheer Arrested?

Ladarius from Cheer was not arrested but he left the team after he felt humiliated while being a part of the team.

The cheerleading team didn’t help him flourish his talent but just kept on attacking his values and principles.

Ladarius stated that he didn’t like being a part of something that didn’t ever supported his works and appreciate the efforts he put on them.

Why Did Ladarius Leave Cheer? 

Show water Ladarius has left Cheer team in the show after being yelled at and called insulting things by the head coach of the team.

His dram with head coach Minica has caused him to take this decision.