Trevor Hemmings Wife Eve Hemmings Net Worth, Meet Their Children

Trevor Hemmings Wife Eve Hemmings Net Worth, Meet Their Children

Eve Hemmings is famous for being Trevor Hemmings wife. Here’s everything you should know about their children.

Eve is devastated after her husband passed away on October 11, 2021. Trevor was 86 years old when he left the world.

There’s not much information about Eve’s professional life. Nevertheless, we know that she was very supportive of her partner’s career.

Who Is Eve Hemmings? Meet Trevor Hemmings Wife

Eve Hemmings is the surviving wife of Trevor Hemmings. The couples were married for decades.

Well, we aren’t sure about their wedding date. Hopefully, Eve will reveal her love story once she is publicly revealed.

On the other hand, her husband, Trevor was a recognized businessperson. According to Wikipedia, he was the Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

Furthermore, he was the owner of Preston North End FC. The club has already released a statement regarding Trevor’s demise.

At the moment, we are not sure who is going to take over his position at the club. Currently, Preston sits 18th in the EFL standings after 11 game weeks.

Right now, we are unsure about how he died. Hopefully, the next update will feature his cause of death.

For now, Eve and other family members have asked for privacy. So, we will have to wait for an obituary to find out everything related to his passing.

Eve Hemmings Net Worth Revealed

Eve Hemmings’s husband, Trevor has an estimated net worth of £1.025 billion. But, we have no clue about her assets.

There’s nothing to know about Eve’s job. Thus, we have no idea about her earnings and net worth.

On the other hand, Trevor was a magnate. Reportedly, he owned Northern Trust Co. Ltd, Trust Inns Ltd., and Classic Lodges Ltd.

Furthermore, he was the former owner of Cork City F.C. Also, he had over 100 racehorses. Among them, three have won the Grand National.

In 2009, Trevor lost approximately £700m after his Royal Bank of Scotland shares collapsed. After the incident, he became the ninth richest man in the North West.

Moreover, he was a man with a golden heart. Reportedly, he provided funds to the S.A.F.E Center that helped the victims of sexual violence.

Multiple reports claim that Eve and her husband were residing at their house on the Isle of Man.

Everything To Know About Eve Hemmings Children

Eve and Trevor Hemmings had four children. Among them, three are sons and one is a daughter.

Currently, we are only familiar with one of their son, Craig Hemmings. However, we have no clue regarding their other kids.