Who Is Ernesto Cisneros? Fernando Arroyos Murder Suspect Arrested, What Are The Charges?

Ernesto Cisneros is the murder suspect in the killing of Fernando Arroyos. The victim was an off-duty LAPD officer. 

According to NBC News, four people have been arrested concerning the murder of an LAPD officer who was house-hunting. A tribute was conducted in his honor after the authorities announced that four people were charged with his murder. 

Who Is Ernesto Cisneros?

Ernesto Cisneros is one of the suspects who allegedly shot and killed the LAPD off-duty officer, Fernando Arroyos. Police shared that he is an active member of a street gang.

According to L.A. Times, the officer was shot and killed in a robbery attempt when house hunting with his girlfriend on Monday night. The officials believe that the 27-year-old exchanged gunfire with the perpetrators.

Three other people are charged with the homicide: Jesse Contreras, Luis Alfredo de la Rosa Rios, and Haylee Marie Grisham.

In addition, Grisham stated she had been seeing Rios for nearly a year in a post-arrest interview. She also said that on the night of Arroyos’ death, Rios and two other gang members were searching for people to rob.

Rios verified the claim in his interview and added that the gang was trying to “earn money” by robbing someone.

Fernando Arroyos Murder Suspect, Ernesto Cisneros Arrested

Ernesto Cisnero has been arrested for the murder of Fernando Arroyos. There were four people involved in the incident.

All four are charged with “violent acts in aid of racketeering. According to court filings, Rios and Cisneros reportedly accosted Arroyos and his girlfriend on Jan. 10, 2022, after the pair looked at a house, they wanted to buy.

All of the defendants were present in the car before the confrontation. Security footage showed that the two suspects allegedly seized Arroyos’ chains and a black walking stick from his girlfriend.

And court documents state that Rios and Cisneros exchanged shots with the officer when they snatched his necklace. The officer chased them into an alley as they escaped. However, he collapsed in there. 

Thus, autopsy results ruled his death a homicide. It further stated that a single gunshot wound was the cause of death. 

What Are The Charges On Ernesto Cisneros?

Ernesto Cisnero is charged with “violent acts in aid of racketeering” for killing the LAPD officer. Furthermore, based on L.A. County Jail records, he had previously been arrested for misdemeanor charges.