Who Is Eric Roza Crossfit? Wikipedia and Net Worth, CEO Feud With Dave Castro

Who Is Eric Roza Crossfit? Wikipedia and Net Worth, CEO Feud With  Dave Castro

Eric Roza is an owner and CEO of branded fitness regimen named Crossfit. 

According to Forbes, the previous owner, Greg Glassman, sold the company to Eric Roza following the controversy where he was accused of sexual harassment and workplace sexism in 2020. 

After firing the game’s director, Dave Castro, Roza is currently trending on the news headline ahead of the 2022 season. The news began to spread like wildfire after the email he sent to the company’s employee went public. 

Eric Roza Is the Owner Of Crossfit

Eric Roza is the owner and CEO of Crossfit. He took over the role in 2020 after the previous owner Greg Glassman sold him the company in a unanimous amount. 

In 2015, Forbes reported that the business had annual revenue of $4 billion. When Roza took over the company, he was an owner of an affiliate CrossFit gym in Boulder, Colorado, and former senior vice president at Oracle Data Cloud. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has an outstanding academic qualification. He completed B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan. In addition, he completed his MBA from Standford Univeristy Graduate School of Business. 

He had been the board member of several companies over the years. He has been a board member for KIPP Academy Nashville,

Does Eric Roza Have A Wikipedia Profile?

Eric Roza does not have a Wikipedia profile yet. However, details about his company are available on the web. The wiki profile provides all the historical and present information about his business. 

Eric Roza Net Worth Stands At $100 Million

A source mentioned that Eric Roza’s net worth stands at $100 million. However, it is not a confirmed figure of his wealth. 

Nevertheless, the fact that his business earns billions of dollars of annually cannot be neglected. Moreover, he is a board member for several companies, which probably provides him financial benefits.

Thus, even though the specific figure of his wealth is under review, he may have an impressive net worth. 

CEO Eric Roza Feud With Dave Castro Explained

Rumors are going on about a feud between Eric Roza and Dave Castro. It came after Dave alleged that the words from Eric, which said that the decision of him leaving the company was mutual, were further from the truth. 

According to Men’s Health, Dave Castro expressed his dismay as soon as the news spread about the mutual decision of his departure after serving for 15 years. He said they fired him, and it was not any mutual decision. 

Nevertheless, many people have shown their support to him through tweets, comments, and texts on social media.