Who Is Edwina Abloh? Virgil Abloh Sister and Siblings, Here Is More About Them

Virgil Abloh is an artistic designer of the renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton, who passed away recently. 

The death news of the prominent designer in the fashion industry, Virgil, has shattered down everyone. He was a renowned person who has changed the industry with his beautiful art design. 

The sudden departure of such a great artist has flooded over social media. Many people, including his colleagues, family, and his followers, have expressed their sadness. 

Losing such a talented artist has been a loss to the industry. Although he is no more in this world, his unique arts and fashion design will remain unforgettable. 

Who Is Edwina Abloh? Find More On Virgil Abloh Sister And Siblings 

Edwina Abloh is mainly known as the sister of the great Virgil. Abloh making a name in the industry has brought the people’s attention towards his family members. 

As a sister of such a well-known person, Edwina has not disclosed her details to the public yet. She seems like a person who prefers to live a low life. 

Moreover, only in 2018, Virgil’s family finally appear to the public in his show. Edwina seems like the only sibling sister that he has. 

She appears to be younger than Virgil and does not look like she is married. Nevertheless, Virgil and Edwina have got the best bond siblings bond ever. 

Who Are Virgil Abloh Parents?

Virgil was born to his parents Nee and Eunice; in 1980. His father and mother were originally from Africa and later immigrated to the United States. 

They were proud parents who have loved and supported the late Virgil. And having to lose him at just the age of 41 has devasted them. 

Virgil’s mother used to work as a seamstress; meanwhile, his father was in a paint company. It was from his mother; Virgil had his first hands at sewing. 

Virgil Abloh Has A Beautiful Family

Virgil also has his own small family with a wife and two children. He was married to his beautiful wife named Shannon Sundberg. 

The couple even shared two adorable kids, named Lowe and Grey, with his other half. They are the high school sweetheart who ended up getting married. 

His wife Shannon has been a huge part of his life as she took care of him when he was ill. During his fight with cancer, his family has been a motivational factor to encourage him. 

After a long battle against his disease, he loses his life and is resting his soul. 

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