Who is Ed Langdon? Here’s Everything To Know About The AFL Player

Who are AFL player Ed Langdon’s parents? Learn more about his life.

Ed Langdon is one of the famous footballers from the Australian Football League (AFL). He currently plays from Melbourne as a midfielder for the team and has been in great form. 

The 6ft tall Ed holds an incredible stats record. He got selected for the AFL from the 2014 national draft and made his debut in the year 2015 against his current club Melbourne.

He is a rising AFL star. Here is an update about his personal life information, including his parents, girlfriend, family, and Instagram. 

AFL Ed Langdon Parents - Does He have a Girlfriend?

The AFL player Ed Langdon has not provided details about his parents and his girlfriend. The player has not disclosed his relationship status officially, and his social media handle does not give us any hint about his girlfriend. 

He is very close to his brother Tom Langdon who is a former footballer. Tom took early retirement, keeping in mind his mental and physical health, and has been continuous support to his younger brother. 

They are more like friends than brothers. Their age difference is just 2 years Tom being the elder one at the age of 27, and Ed is at the age of 25 who was born in 1996 and his birthday is on February 1.

Tom and Ed often plan vacations together. They have traveled to many places together and really enjoy each other’s company, and we can see the brothers together most of the time from their social media.

Ed Langdon Instagram Update

The AFL Melbourne star Ed Langdon is found on Instagram by the username eddylangdon. His Instagram is full of his travel diaries and adventures out in many beautiful destinations. 

Ed is fond of exploring nature and is mostly seen going outdoors. He has defined his passion and the love for nature through his Instagram and has shared very little about his practice, matches, and family.

We hope that the player is more active and updates us about his regular life activities. His fans would also love to see more about his AFL performances through his profile. 

AFL Ed Langdon Net Worth 2021

The AFL player Ed Langdon, Net Worth information, is not available at this time. However, we assume that he has quite an attractive earning, estimated to be more than $500,000 Australian dollars. 

He made a move from Fremantle to Melbourne in the year 2020. We assume that the club has offered a lot to the player, which is why he has not made any news about his transfer. 

We hope that the information regarding his Net Worth will soon be updated on his Wikipedia page.