Koady Chaisson Dies At 37 Leaving Wife Chloe Goodyear Saddened - Death Cause And Obituary

Koady Chaisson Dies At 37 Leaving Wife Chloe Goodyear Saddened – Death Cause And Obituary

The East Pointers: Koady Chaisson is sadly no longer with us. How did he die? Here is everything to know about his wife and family. 

The PEI band tenor guitarist, Koady Chaisson passed away at the age of 37. His death was confirmed by his bandmates but the death cause is yet to be known. May his departed soul rest in peace. 

Chaisson was best known for instruments like banjo and tenor guitar. A proud carrier of the legacy of traditional Canadian music, he is taken away young. We pray for his soul and hope he finds peace wherever he is. 

Koady Chaisson Death Cause And Obituary 

Koady Chaisson of The East Pointers died at 37. We dedicate this obituary to him. 

As for his death cause, the cause remains under review for the time being. His death was confirmed by the band’s management but they didn’t say anything about how he died. 

We prefer to respect their privacy and let them mourn in peace. May they find all the strength in the world to deal with the death of such a humble human being. 

Know Koady Chaisson Wife Chloe And Family

Koady Chaisson was married to his partner, Chloe Goodyear and they lived in Canada. 

Moreover, his wife is originally Australian. However, she had quite an interest in Canadian folk music and met Chaisson when he was on a tour in Australia. The two of them clicked at once and later married each other.

As for other members of his family, we don’t have any information about his parents and siblings. 

His cousin, Tim Chaisson is also a member of the band. He is a fiddler and vocalist. 

Koady Chaisson Wikipedia Bio And More

Koady Chaisson was a member of one of the most famous folk music bands in the country. 

Based in PEI, The East Pointers won the Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year in 2017. The three guys, Koady, Tim, and Jake Charron came together in 2014 and formed the band. 

Moreover, they went to release their debut album, Secret Victory in 2015 which later won the Juno Award as well. The band performed in Canada, the United States, the UK, and Australia. 

Koady Chaisson Net Worth 2022

Koady Chaisson used to play banjo and tenor guitar in the band. 

Known across the world, he acquired a lot of fame and money even though his career was cut short by fate. His net worth, however, remains under review for now.