Dominic Chinea Wife Maria Domican - More On The British Youtuber

Dominic Chinea and his wife Maria Domican currently reside in their home in Kent.

Chinea is a well-known YouTuber who has over 59 thousand subscribers. Well, he describes himself as a set designer and vehicle restorer.

Reportedly, he gained popularity from the BBC show, The Repair Shop. He is an expert in metalwork, set design, prop making, restoration, and signwriting.

Who Is Dominic Chinea Wife Maria Domican?

Dominic Chinea is married to Maria Domican since 2017. In October 2021, the couples celebrated their fourth anniversary.

Reportedly, his wife is a popular film producer. Currently, the duo is accompanied by their pet dog named Wendy.

Speaking more about his family, Dominic and Maria do not share any children. Moreover, we are unsure if they are planning to have a baby anytime soon.

Well, the restorer hasn’t mentioned much about his spouse on the internet. Also, we are unsure about the movies she has produced to date.

Indeed, Celebsaga is trying to learn more about Maria. Hopefully, our next update features everything about Dominic’s longtime partner.

The content creator shares his amazing personal projects on his YouTube channel. Reportedly, he has been on the platform since October 2012.

Until now, his videos have accumulated more than 2.5 million views. According to Express, he is considered to be one of the most popular experts in The Repair Shop.

Moreover, Dominic has great skills in graphic design. However, his passion has always been cars and metalwork.

Previously, he worked for Rankin Studios as their production designer. Well, he was dedicated to building props and sets for important events.

Furthermore, he has assisted in various music videos too. Some of his popular works include Liquorice, Slo, Facemelt, etc.

Is Dominic Chinea On Wikipedia?

Dominic Chinea is an English YouTuber. Moreover, he is the owner of Ranalah wheeling machines.

According to his bio, he loves to learn new skills. Well, he seeks to work in new areas as far as possible.

Moving on, he is considered to be one of the youngest experts in The Repair Shop. Most probably, he must be around his thirties right now.

Reportedly, he celebrates his birthday on May 4. However, we are unsure about his exact age.

Well, Chinea is not on Wikipedia as of early 2022. Nevertheless, you can find more about him on his Instagram profile (@dominicchinea). He has gained approximately 51.1 thousand followers on the platform.

Get To Know Dominic Net Worth

Dominic Chinea has an astonishing earning. We believe that his income has been pretty good so far.

But, the content creator is yet to announce his net worth. As per his social media pictures, we believe that he lives a standard lifestyle.