Did Michael Gove Laura Kuenssberg Do a Rap Battle? Rumors Explained

Did Michael Gove Laura Kuenssberg Do a Rap Battle? Rumors Explained

Michael Gove and Laura Kuenssberg having a rap battle is based on false rumors. Here is what you need to know about the trending gossip. 

The public has been astounded by the internet uproar that is happening. As per the rumors, the politician and the journalist had a rap battle and did a dance-off. 

The two people who fell into the controversy are Michael Gove and Laura Kuenssberg. To add up, they had these little battles on the conservative party conference as by the gossips. 

After falling under the scandals, both; Michael and Laura have become the most trending people on the internet. Let’s find out how the rumor got started here. 

Did Michael Gove Laura Kuenssberg Do A Rap Battle? 

Micheal is a notable British politician, author, and journalist. He is a member of the parliament and is in the Conservative Party. 

Being a public figure for such a long time, it is of no doubt that he keeps on falling under the controversy one after another. 

At the moment, he fell into the scandal with Laura Kuenssberg. She is a journalist who is currently working in the BBC News as a political editor. 

Speaking of Laura, she is also the most renowned person in public. As a journalist, she is best known for her work in BBC News and Brexit cast. 

These two remarkable people fell into the rumors of having a rap battle. Well, BBC did explain that this is just a false rumor and is not correct. 

Michael Gove Laura Kuenssberg Rumors Explained

The rumors about Michael and Laura having a rap battle and dance-off all came after the tweets of Dominic Penna, Telegraph journalist. 

Penna wrote that the dance-off happened after MP of Tory sang the song at the karaoke night end of the week. However, currently, Telegraph also confirmed that it was just false gossips. 

The tweet about this controversy has got deleted at present. Also, before Telegraph confirmed the news, the BBC had already claimed rumors being completely false.

Moreover, the journalist from Telegraph also stated that Gove’s advisors did not let him be part of Karaoke. 

Michael Gove Laura Kuenssberg Controversy

It is not the first time; Michael and Laura have come to public attention. Previously, as a political editor of BBC, she has also warned Gove for the end of his leadership. 

Kuenssberg has written enormous times about the politician Gove. She also talked about his experience with cocaine. 

Regardless, this is the first that Laura herself got mixed up in the scandal with Glove. 

Although the tweets have got deleted, a lot of people have already seen the posts. Even after announcing all the rumors as being false, they still got tangled in the controversy.