Did Harriet Harman Undergo Surgery? Cancer Update, Husband Jack Dromey And Children

Did Harriet Harman Undergo Surgery? Cancer Update, Husband Jack Dromey And Children

Harriet Harman is the Wife of MP Jack Dromey who has died on Jan 7, 2021. Get to know details about their children and family.

Harriet Harman is a British politician and solicitor. She served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham since 1982.

The MP has worked under different political roles before. She has served as the legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Did Harriet Harman Undergo Surgery? Cancer Update

Harriet Harman does not suffer from any kind of disease nor she has done any kind of surgery.

The MP is currently, 71 years of age and she is still doing fine. Besides, she actually knows how to keep herself fit and healthy.

However, there are some speculations that Harman has done cosmetic surgery in past. But none of them hold water.

Interestingly, Harman does have an indirect connection with surgeries. She is the daughter of John Bishop Harman, a Harley Street doctor.

Likewise, her paternal grandfather Nathaniel Bishop Harman was an ophthalmic surgeon.

However, Harman also advised surgeries with Harry Lamborn, former MP in past. 

Having been raised in the family of surgeons and doctors, there is no doubt that Harman’s name often comes up with surgery.

Many people have used her name with the word Surgery on Twitter. 

A Twitter user @FrRobertMJames has tweeted: “Harriet Harman should withdraw from public life, and have gum surgery’ 

Another of the user says: “Harriet Harman. Has she had surgery or been on a spa break? She is looking FAB. #fitmps”

Harriet Harman Husband Jack Dromey Is No More

MP Harriet Harman was married to Jack Dromey in the year 1982. Sadly, he passed away on January 7, 2022.

He died suddenly at the age of 73 years at his home in Birmingham. Moreover, he was a renowned Parliamentarian and trade unionist.

Jack was a British Labour Party politician. He also served as the Deputy General Secretary of Unite from 2003 to 2010.

Before his demise, Harman’s husband was serving as the Shadow Minister for Immigration since December 4, 2021.

Meet Harriet Harman & Jack Dromey Children

The couple also shares four children together; Harry Patrick D. Harman, Joseph Adam H, Harry, and Amy Siobhan.

As far as we know, Harry is 38 years old, Joe is 36, and Amy is 34. Meanwhile, we do not know much about her other children

.To know more about the MP we can always turn to her social media. Her Twitter is under the handle name @HarrietHarman.

Moreover, her verified profile has already bagged more than 184.3 thousand followers.