Did Adam Sandler Really Die Today? News About His Death Breaking The Internet - Car Crash Due To Drunk Driving

Did Adam Sandler Really Die Today? News About His Death Breaking The Internet – Car Crash Due To Drunk Driving

Famous American actor Adam Sandler’s death rumors are spreading on the internet. Are they true? Did the actor really die today? 

The death rumors of Adam Sandler have not started lately. He is one of those actors who is always being talked about on the internet and the internet is a place where everything can become news. 

A lot of people have wondered about Adam Sandler’s death recently. The rumors have started from the obvious media like Twitter and Reddit. There is a theory made that the actor crashed his car while drunk driving and passed away. 

Did Adam Sandler Really Die Today? Death Rumors And Hoax Explained

Adam Sandler didn’t die today as the actor is very much alive. 

However, the rumor of his death is breaking the internet at the moment. A lot of people are making tweets and comments about the actor’s alleged death. 

But we assure you that the comedian is very much alive. The news about his death is just another internet hoax and we urge you not to believe such rumors. 

Moreover, the actor has not appeared on big screens since 2020 and everyone had raised their concern over it. Sandler will mark his return in 2022 in a sci-fi movie, Spaceman. 

Adam Sandler Death Hoax News Origin: Who Started The Rumors?

Adam Sandler’s death rumors started from Twitter and Reddit. 

A lot of users have made several tweets in the past few days about Adam Sandler’s death. However, they didn’t mean that the actor had died. They were concerned about him as the covid cases are rising. 

A user wrote on Twitter, “the urge to type “adam Sandler death” into google 800 times so it autocompletes when someone types adam Sandler into google :tf:.”

Another one wrote, “Adam Sandler plz stay In the house I can’t take another death.” 

Also, the fans have reacted this way because of the recent death of Sandler’s friend, Bob Saget. 

Adam Sandler Car Accident: Drunk Driving Rumors

Adam Sandler allegedly got into a car accident as he was driving drunk. 

But the rumors are false. The news was revealed by a website named breakingnews247.net. However, it is a prank website and the information given on the website is not true. 

Hence, Adam Sandler is very much alive and is probably making someone laugh at the moment.