Denis Handlin Wife Jan Gudinski Now, Net Worth 2021 and Updates

Denis Handlin Wife Jan Gudinski Now, Net Worth 2021 and Updates

Denis Handlin is the former CEO of Sony Music Australia. Get to know his wife, Jan Gudinski, and her net worth 2021. 

The Staff of Sony Music Australia come forward with the bullying and misconduct claims against the long-time CEO, Denis Handlin. The CEO allegedly bullied and terrorized his employees for years.

The ABC News program, Four Corners will expose the intriguing story of Sony Music Australia and New Zealand tonight. The program is likely to have a lot of proof and witnesses that will point to Denis Handlin and his misconduct. 

More than 100 former and current employees of Sony Music Australia have spoken about the misconduct. 

Denis Handlin Wife Jan Gudinski: Where Is The Family Now?

Denis Handlin has been together with his wife, Jan Gudinski since marrying her in 1997. 

As of now, the couple shares six children with each other. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details on Gudinski’s job at the moment. 

Both of them are currently based in Sydney, Australia. As Denis is being investigated for his misconduct against the Sony Australia employees, he is on the radar of authorities as well. 

Denis Handlin Net Worth 2021

Denis Handlin reportedly had a net worth of more than $70 million as of January 2021.

The businessman was involved with Sony Music Australia for more than 50 years. He joined the company back in 1970.

In response to the sexual misconduct investigations, Denis Handlin announced that he would be leaving the company in June 2021. 

Denis Handlin Wikipedia: Amy Shark Drama Explained!

Denis Handlin does have a Wikipedia biography well dedicated to him. 

This is not the first time that someone is talking about the wrongdoings of Denis Handlin. The entrepreneur had been in the infamous spotlight before as well. 

Seven women were made to work through the maternity period by him and a lot of alleged scandals took place inside the music production company in the 1990s. They will be exposed by Four Corners tonight.

Also, when Amy Shark won the award in ARIAs, she forgot to thank then Sony Music AU CEO, Denis Handlin. In response to that, Denis slammed the singer in public and embarrassed her. 

And now, around 117 employees of Sony Music Australia have given their statement against Denis Handlin. They have confirmed that Systemic Bullying, Discrimination, and Misconduct were persistent among the employees.

Know more about the story in Four Corners tonight.