Who Is Debrah Lee Charatan? Robert Durst Second Wife As The New York New State Tycoon Turned Murder Passed Away

Who Is Debrah Lee Charatan? Robert Durst Second Wife As The New York New State Tycoon Turned Murder Passed Away

Robert Durst’s wife, Debrah Lee Charatan, is a prominent businessman who caught the public’s attention after the death of her husband. 

Robert Durst, a millionaire businessman; convicted of murder, died at 78-years-old. As per his attorney DeGuerin, he took his last breath in California prison hospital.

Durst served his life sentence with no parole after getting sentenced for murder. He had faced health complications during his life in prison. 

The 78-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 previously and even had bladder cancer. Regardless, he lost his life due to natural causes. 

His death has again brought much attention to his wife, Debrah Lee Charatan. Let’s dig out how she is doing after her husband’s imprisonment.

Who Is Debrah Lee Charatan? Robert Durst Second Wife Details

Debrah is the second wife of the prominent businessman and murderer, Robert Durst. The couple married back in 2000 and has been in a marital relationship since then.

Durst married Charatan after ten years of separation from his first wife, Kathie McCormack. Although Debrah didn’t talk with Robert and stayed out of contact with him, the couple was still technically married. 

With the imprisonment of Robert, she had obtained $20 million of her share from the $65 million of Robert’s family settlement. She has now started her real state firm. 

Besides being a businesswoman, she also gives education regarding real estate courses to the universities.  

Debrah Lee Charatan Age: How Old Is The Jinx’s Wife?

Debrah has not shared her birth details yet. However, she seems to be living her life in the 60s. 

Her exact age was impossible to find, having no information of her birth. She resides in New York City and is one of the successful real estate agents.

Starting off her career as a secretary in a real estate firm, Charatan has grown out as a renowned businessman herself. 

Debrah Lee Charatan Net Worth Explored

Charatan has not given clear pictures of her earnings to the public. Therefore, her sources remain unclear at the moment.

Moreover, she has gained $20 million out of $65 million from her husband’s family shares to start her own firm. 

Also, with Robert’s death, there is a possibility that she might inherit his property, as technically, they were both married.

Does Debrah Lee Charatan Have A Wikipedia? Meet With Her Family

No, Debrah is not on the Wikipedia page. She is mainly known as the second wife of the infamous businessman Robert.

Charatan was still married to Robert during his death. She also has a child named Bennet Charatan Berger as her family. 

Moreover, it got known that Debrah lived with Steven Holm, lawyer of Robert. At the time, she was still practically married to Durst while having a relationship with Holm.