Why Was Dave Castro Fired? Crossfit Director Net Worth and Salary - What Happened To Him?

Why Was Dave Castro Fired? Crossfit Director Net Worth and Salary – What Happened To Him?

Learn why Dave Castro got fired? The breaking news has shocked all his followers. 

Dave Castro was a renowned director of CrossFit games, an annual tournament of fitness athletes. He has previously looked over for “programming 129 individual game events.”

People have mainly known Castro as a fitness fanatic and featured in fitness movies. Regardless of his popularity for fitness, Dave is best known for working in CrossFit.

However, the breaking news of Dave getting fired has shocked his followers. Let’s find out what might have happened for him to lose his job?

Why Was Dave Castro Fired? 

Dave, who is best known for working in CrossFit for a long term, got fired. As shocked as his followers are, Castro mentioned the departure is not mutual.

Castro has now got succeeded by Justin Bergh, who was a vice-president. Dave’s departure comes to the flash with a leaked email.

The director getting fired was circulated around the company and thus, became public. Although the mail was full of his praise, it mentioned changing the leadership and his replacement.

Dave Castro Crossfit Director Net Worth And Salary Explored

Dave was known for serving in the Crossfit for around 15 years of life. During this time, he has managed different game events. 

As per the news, Castro has handled 15 annual editions of “The Fittest on Earth” competition. His responsibility includes designing workouts for each edition as a general sports manager.

According to the Popular Net Worth, Dave’s estimated net worth was approximately $6 million in 2021. However, for 2022, his details are still under review.

Moreover, he has not opened up about his salary range while working on CrossFit. Still and all, he must have got pretty good earnings as a director. 

Dave Castro - What Happened To Him?

Currently, Dave is the most talking subject over social media. That being the case, people must have wondered what happened to him. 

The CrossFit game director, Castro, got fired from his job. Eric Roza, a CEO, has formally announced the notice of his departure. 

CEO has praised Dave for all his years of serving CrossFit and stated that they are grateful. Further, Eric also mentioned changing the leadership and announcing the new director.

Dave lost his job before even the 2022 game season started. 

Who Is Dave Castro’s Wife?

Dave is a private man with lots of mystery. Despite his popularity, he has not revealed anything about his personal life. 

Castro is a married man and has a family with his wife. However, he has not mentioned any details about his sweetheart. 

Even so, it got known that the couple had dated each other before tieing a knot. But, most of Dave’s romantic life still remains in secrecy.