Who Is Daniela King On America’s Big Deal: Age And Instagram Bio

Daniela King is one of the featured entrepreneurs from America’s Big Deal. The show will premiere on the USA network on October 14, 2021. Here are a few facts about the reality TV star.

Daniela King makes her appearance on the reality TV show named America’s Big Deal. She will be among eight entrepreneurs who will get a chance to showcase their products. 

Long Island entrepreneur Joy Mangano first announced the Reality-TV show. USA Network revealed Scott Evans from Access Hollywood would be hosting the new show. 

Who is Daniela King on America’s Big Deal? 

Daniela King will be among the eight contestants to receive a golden opportunity to pitch their idea within 3 minutes. Daniela will be presenting her seal show cover in the show. The show is the brainchild of Joy Mangano. 

Alongside Daniela, Sherrill Mosee, David Britt, Dr. Zonram Liao, Nate Bova, Brittany Cribs, David Shahan, and Dr. Curtis Breville. Each week four contestants will be present in the show to pitch their idea. And the best part id viewers can participate by scanning the on-screen code guided by the NBC Universal e-commerce platform Shoppable TV.

As reported by Newsday, viewers will get the experience of buying the product through their screens while watching the show. So, they don’t have to wonder where and how to purchase the item. Purchases will be left in the NBC Universal Checkout after you have finished shopping. Its shopping aspect made it more personable and accessible to viewers.

Daniela had a spark of an idea when she left for work to pick up her children from school. She was surprised to find a flooded parking lot caused by heavy rain. By the time she reached her car, her heels were all soaking wet. To find a better solution for the problem, she started finding ideas.

It was eventually leading her to her discovery—the practical and easy-to-carry Sealshoe cover. 

Daniela King on America’s Big Deal Age Revealed

Daniela King’s actual age hasn’t been revealed as of yet. However, as the mother of school-going children, she might be between 35-40 years of age. 

Hailing from Miami, Florida, where flood is everyday news, the reality tv star’s invention will help people have a handy tool at their disposal. The simple and effective covers will aid a person to hustle through the flood without getting wet shoes. You will have fresh and clean shoes every time. 

Meet Daniela King of America’s Big Deal on Instagram 

Daniela King is currently not on Instagram. However, as her invention receives a massive following through the TV show, she will make her Instagram debut soon. 

We will soon be seeing her on our television with her handy dandy invention on October 14. 

She married Herbert’Herbie’ King.  However, there is no information on when or where they married. The couple, on the other hand, was blessed with two young sons.