Comedian: Who Is Daphne Dwarman From Dave Chapelle Show? Death Cause

Comedian: Who Is Daphne Dwarman From Dave Chapelle Show? Death Cause

Dave Chapelle talked about the late comedian Daphne Dwarman in his recent show on Netflix. Get to know who is this person. 

She was a trans comedian who was a friend of Dave Chapelle. Her name is Daphne Dorman, which was misspelt as Dwarman in his recent show released by Netflix. He remembered her in his recent show on Netflix named “The Closer”.

This series will be the last one from him on the platform as his contract ends this season. He mentioned that this will be the last one for quite a while before he can be seen back on stage. 

Comedian: Who Is Daphne Dwarman From Dave Chapelle Show?

Daphne Dorman misspelt as Daphne Dwarman on Dave Chapelle show on Netflix is a former comedian from the transgender community. She was a friend of his who is said to have laughed the hardest at his transphobic jokes. 

Dave has received praise and love from the public but has also been on many controversies regarding his offensive comments on the transgender community. In yesterday’s episode, he joked about the transgender community wanting him dead because of his comments on them. 

The late comedian Daphne was a software engineer living in San Francisco as well as doing comedy on the side. She was staying with her daughter in California and was getting public attention for her remarkable performance and touching hearts through her comedy. 

She also got an opportunity to appear on Dave’s fifth special: Sticks and Stones, which was her last show. 

Learn About Daphne Dwarman Death Cause 

Daphne Dwarman’s cause of death was suicide. She killed herself about a week after the show came to Netflix, which also came as a shock to the Ohio native comedian. He reached out to her family soon after the news of her death came by and started to raise funds for her daughter.

She reached out to Facebook before taking her own life and said goodbye to everyone. Although there was no prior notice of her death, her sister later confirmed it with a statement on social media. 

The recent mention of her by Dave on his show has once again made people remember the comedian. People are praying for her family and mourning her death once again. 

Netizens Mourning Daphne Dwarman Death On Twitter

Daphne Dwarman tweeted about how she felt about Dave’s transphobic jokes on Twitter once. She said that it was his job and that he was the master of his craft.

He wasn’t punching anyone down or up; he was just punching lines, she added.