Cheer: Who Is Mitchell Ryan And Robert Joseph Scianna Jr Now?

Cheer: Who Is Mitchell Ryan And Robert Joseph Scianna Jr Now?

Mitchell Ryan And Robert Joseph Scianna Jr appeared in the Netflix series of cheers charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. They were taking indecent liberties with a child, respectively.

Mitchell Ryan and Robert Joseph Scianna Jr are former Navarro College cheer team featured on the Netflix show.

In February, they were arrested after a cheerleader told authorities Ryan had invited a teenager in his apartment to practice cheer stunts. 

Scianna pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing while a grand jury declined to indict Ryan.

Cheers: Who Is Mitchell Ryan?

Mitchell Ryan is a cast member of the famous docuseries Cheer. According to the Dallas County office, he was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. 

Ryan was 23 years old, and the teenager was just 15 years old when this incident happened. 

Shannon Huckaba, the mother of a 16-year-old daughter who accused Ryan of sexual abuse, said her daughter was devastated by Jury’s decision, calling the weekend “pure hell.”

Moreover, the decision, first reported by the Dallas Morning News, means the Grand Jury did not believe enough evidence to prosecute the case against Ryan.

Huckaba said she is seeking other options for legal recourse.

Where Is Robert Joseph Scianna Jr Now?

Robert Joseph Scianna Jr., was a coach and choreographer, was arrested in Chesterfield County, Virginia, for a child sex abuse case.

According to NBC News, the 25-year-old choreographer was arrested based on allegations of child sexual abuse and using a communicative device to solicit sex.

Joseph allegedly met an underage male through a social media platform and arranged to meet him for sex.

Both Ryan and Scianna were associated with the Netflix show “Cheer” which followed a group of student cheerleaders at Navarro College.

In September, one of the show’s stars, 21-year-old Jerry Harris, was arrested for allegedly producing child pornography.

Harris faced additional allegations in December, including enticing a minor to engage in sexual conduct to produce a visual depiction of such behaviour.

Harris pleaded not guilty to the charges, but Robert is waiting for the sentencing from the Jury. 

Mitchell Ryan And Robert Joseph Scianna Jr Charged With Sexual Allegations In Nutshell

Robert Scianna Jr., 26 and Mitchell Ryan, celebrity cheerleaders who appeared in one episode of the show, were arrested in the same week. 

According to police and court records, both were charged with felony counts of attempted indecent liberties with a child.

According to Virginia court records, Scianna pleaded guilty but has not been sentenced yet. 

Nevertheless, Season 2 of Cheer unflinchingly tackles Harris’ alleged misdeeds with interviews from two of his victims.