Who Is Dahlston Delgado? Everything About The Cheer Season 2 Choreographer - Meet On Instagram

Dahlston Delgado is the Cheer season 2 choreographer who is showcasing his talent on the show.

Dahlston Delgado was born and raised up in Belton TX, who has won numerous national and world titles cheering for Spirit of Texas.

Dahlston has choreographed for elite cheer programs and high schools all over the U.S

Who Is Dahlston Delgado From Cheer Season 2? Wikipedia And Bio

Dahlston Delgado is an elite choreographer from cheer season 2 who has made a name for himself in just 16 years according to his Wikipedia.

During the show, Delgado can be seen as Navarro’s choreographer, shining up the routine before Daytona.

He, who went to Belton High School, where he graduated in 2007 moved to Dallas to work, and in 2008, he began taking on new clients and traveling for choreography.

Delgado previously assisted Brad Vaughan. When Vaughan chose to instead work with Trinity Valley, Delgado stepped up.

He choreographed roughly 75-85 routines per year and even once took a role in the Broadway version of Bring It On: The Musical. 

While working in many different places, his career has taken him from Belton to Broadway, and to Netflix’s popular show, “Cheer.”

There is no way of him slowing down any time soon.

How Old Is Dahlston Delgado Age?

Dahlston Delgado might be in his early 30’s looking from his appearance but we lack the exact information about his birthdate.

He got his first choreography job outside of the gyms at East Texas All-Stars where he worked when he was just 17.

Dahlston began cheerleading in the 7th grade and kept it up all the way through his junior year at At Belton High School.

In his senior year, his parents offered him the opportunity to travel to Dallas three times a week to compete against the top team at Spirit of Texas or continue to cheer for BHS.

He then commenced his cheer career at Extreme Cheer and Tumble and later went to work as a coach and choreographer.

His mom, Dawn, his biggest supporter used to drive him to Cheer Station in Austin to compete at a higher level for his freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

Meet The Cheer Choreographer Dahlston Delgado On Instagram

We can meet Dehlston Delgado on Instagram with the username @dahlston22. He is followed by 8513 devotees and is rising day by day and currently has 778 posts.

Delgado has shared a lot of beautiful memories on his account especially with his boyfriend Harrison Milford, who is an athlete.

Harrison is a Texas Tech Cheerleader, a Grand Collegiate National Champion, World Champion, and Nfinity Hall of Fame according to his Insta bio.