Cheer: Morgan Simianer Lives A Happy Life With Boyfriend Brad Markey, Where Are They Today?

The Cheer star Morgan Simianer’s age difference with her boyfriend Brad Markey has been the question of many fans. Explore more on their age gap.

Morgan Simianer is currently living a happy with her boo Brad and enjoying the time of her life.

Cheer season 1 breakout star Morgan has returned for her second and final year as a competitor to once again take home another championship title.

Cheer: Morgan Simianer and Boyfriend Brad Markey Age Difference

Morgan Simianer and her boyfriend Brad Markey have almost five years of age difference.

Morgan is a professional cheerleader born on 9 October 1997 so she is 24 years old now.

Whereas her boo, Brad is a professional baseball player is a minor according to the sports details. He is said to be a teenager, most probably 18. 

Morgan joined her life-changing Netflix show Cheer in the year 2020 and has returned for the second time.

Moreover, Morgan is 5 feet and 1 inch tall with 46 kg bodyweight, and her boo, Brad is around 6 feet tall. The couple has a height difference of nearly 10 inches.

The talented star appears on the cheerleading squad for Navarro College Corsicana for the second time.

The latest new season has brought a craze among the fans, and Morgan has become headlines for her age gap this season.

Morgan Simianer Birthday and Net Worth

Morgan Simianer celebrates her birthday every year of 9th October. She was born around the year 1997 in Osage, Wyoming, US.

As for Morgan’s net worth, she is said to earn $1.5 million dollars annually. Moreover, She is said to make a monthly salary of $10 thousand dollars. 

Her additional incomes are generated from brand endorsements.

Morgan’s accurate worth is not disclosed but her main source of income is from her career as a cheerleader and tv personality.

As the Cheer series focuses on the trend of the cheer squad of Navarro College while competing against their arch-rival Trinity Valley community college, she is aiming to win the show.

The first season of Cheer in 2020 created a sensation in people’s guts and the second season is said to create a frenzy in fans’ minds.

Meet Morgan Simianer Family

Morgan Simianer, a well-recognized personality in Cheer has had a terrible family. She was practically abandoned by her father when she was a child.

She was left behind by her lost mother as well who disappeared when they were still very young.

Morgan and her only brother Wyatt were each other’s support for most of their life. She and Wyatt were forced to live in a trailer after being abandoned by their father.

After her brother Wyatt turned 18 he went to search for their mother while Morgan was forced to live alone in the trailer.

During the difficult time, her grandparents held her had after knowing the truth. Soon they invited her to live with them.