Brian Kelly Text Scandal: Coach Sends Message To Notre Dame Players Before Leave

The Notre Dame ex-head coach Brian Kelly text scandal has been an issue in the sports field. Reportedly, Kelly is about to leave his position as head coach over LSU job. 

Brian Kelly is a veteran head coach and a former Assumptions CLub linebacker from 1979 to 1982. Currently, he has been appointed as a head coach of LSU University in November 2021. Previously, Brian worked for 11 years in the Irish Fighting Football club. 

According to his Wikipedia page, Brian began his coaching career in 1983 till the present. Brian trained several football teams like Grand Valley State for a long time, including Central Michigan throughout his career. 

As per the Athletic, the former ND head coach accepted the LSU offer signed for ten years and joined LSU with additional endorsements. Sources confirmed on Monday that he would make $100 million at the time being.

Before he decided to quit Notre Dame, Brian has send a text to each roster player to meet personally. Due to this, there is chaos in the Irish club.

Former Cincinnati HC Brian Kelly Text Scandal Revealed

Brian has sent messages to roster players of Notre Dame via the team’s system, reported Fox News. He even asked players to show up in the morning so that, he could talk with them in person. 

What do you think? Is it fair to share the delicate news with the players first rather than the representative? Perhaps, he might be sad to leave the team in the middle of the year. 

The text message of Brian to the roster player has been circulated on social media. 

Brian Kelly Message To Notre Dame Roster Players Controversy

Brian’s late-night message to Notre Dame roster player regarding his decision to leave the Irish Fighting Football club has been outraged. 

Nevertheless, Brian made his mind to take the LSU job. He is looking for his future at LSU. 

As per the source, Kelly has signed the contract for ten years with LSU. His income within the year will be more than 100 million, including endorsements and other benefits.

It seems like Brian is delighted with the offer, and he took a huge step to leave the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team. 

Brian Kelly Abuse Allegations On Twitter 

Reportedly, Brian has been accused of sexual assault allegations by players during his tenure, and a guy was killed filming practice for him. No one can forget the incident that killed a guy while recording the game. 

People are sharing their theories on hiring Brian in LSU. One user wrote, “LSU had a massive scandal regarding covering up abuse and assault allegations and are going to now turn around and hire Brian Kelly?”